How to get a booking agent

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how to get a booking agent

How to Get a Booking Agent to Book Your Band | Bandzoogle Blog

Behind the scenes, booking agents are hard at work, tracking the numbers, scoring new opportunities and mapping out the long game. A thorough knowledge of booking contracts, options, and bonuses with the experience and expertise to help you squeeze out every dollar. An understanding of the marketplace to know what guarantees are appropriate for the level you are as an artist. The foresight to see what tours are currently in the market and on the horizon, and leverage that for support slots for a beginning band. A smart understanding of routing and the ability to string together multiple dates to make the financials work in your favor. Once you mobilize your touring apparatus for a show band, crew, TM then keep them on the road for a bit to maximize your earnings.
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Published 07.06.2019

Derek Sivers - How To Get A Booking Agent (And Anything Else You Want)

Playing live is absolutely essential if you want to be successful as a musician, so landing a good booking agent can make a world of difference.

How To Get Noticed By a Music Booking Agent

Tips from the pros on how you can find the right agent, and what to expect from them when you do. He goes on to offer several suggestions for achieving that goal: 1. Get a guitar; 2. Learn how to play it; 3. Get some tight pants.

This article was originally published on March 5, It has been updated and re-published to include a video on July 17, The article can be read directly below the video. Booking Agents are responsible for booking live performances and appearances on behalf of your artist. There are times where their roles can extend to tour sponsorship opportunities as well but their main focus is booking shows.

One of the most common questions I was asked by artists during my time as a venue booker was how they could find a booking agent. I inevitably answered that they should just keep playing gigs, grow their fan base, and an agent would find them. But is the answer really that simple? In a word, yes. By far the best way to get a professional booking agent is for bands to book themselves until the point where they are selling out shows on a regular basis on their own. What does this mean exactly? Easy, right?

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How to Get on a Booking Agent's Radar with CAA Agent, Kyle Wilensky

There is a huge potential for revenue in the gigging industry, even for smaller, indie bands and musicians. Luckily for you, with a little knowledge and strategy from the New Artist Model , this paradox can be beaten. Booking agents are the middlemen between the artist and the venue owners or promoters. However, it takes more than just a phone call or an email to book a show! Booking agents establish relationships with promoters and know which venues are best suited for which bands. They know exactly what venues to target when booking a funk band from California who can fill a person room.

Learn how to get noticed by a music booking agent. This guide explains the importance of a booking agent. It also offers tips on how to get noticed by a booking agency. Artists who commit to making a career in music will reach a point where it becomes time to consider a booking agent. This decision can be an important step in taking their music career to the next level. Booking shows and organizing tours is a vital part of being a performing musician today. Playing live is also essential if you want to be a successful musician.

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