How to get bookings in direct sales

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how to get bookings in direct sales

10 Ideas to Get Bookings for Direct Sellers - Party Plan

It was a specific amount, but it kept me focused on having parties every week. I knew I had to keep that calendar full of booking s every month to keep that income stable to pay for the kids college fees. I developed a menu of events which we work in the Direct Sales Planner system and scheduled out my month with networking events, vendor events, customer care calls, private appointments to keep my calendar full of bookings. I teach my clients today to work on a 6-PACK of parties! With six parties every month, you are pretty much sure to have the monthly pay check you want. Once I began to grow a team and receive the leader commission income , my paycheck began to double!
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How to get Bookings - 20 Techniques for Direct Sales

Get bookings from parties

I want you to imagine for a moment what it would be like if bookings came naturally for you, meaning that people were eager to book parties, their parties were holding on the original dates and were demographically close and convenient for you to get to, you had good turnouts for your home parties, you were making great income, and you were sponsoring, on average, one to two people per home party. Of course you would! So your goal at your home parties has to be to continuously duplicate your parties from your parties or get bookings! Your job is to connect with them and provide that fun, relaxing experience. I always say, if someone isn't having a great experience at your party, there's no way they're going to want to repeat that not so great experience with their friends.

21 Days to Success

Once you have been booked for a direct sales party, how do you keep the ball rolling? - Everyone else is taken.

These tips are perfect for:. Get involved with fundraiser charity parties. You can donate some of your income back to the community, and you can offer special booking bonuses on the day. Who could resist?! Some suggested fundraiser partners might be: 1 a child care center needing to raise funds for new toys and craft supplies, 2 a church group raising money for a good cause or 3 a cancer-help organization raising money for research and care of patients. An easy way to get new contacts especially on a weekday during the day is to visit shops and malls and have a quick talk with the staff during their quiet time.


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