How to keep hardcover books in good condition

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how to keep hardcover books in good condition

The Archivation Line: How to Keep Paperback Books in Good Condition

That is—is it possible to be both a book collector and a reader of the books or should those two hobbies be completely separate? Keep food and drinks away from the book. Just use a slip of plain white paper to mark your place. Non-acid-free paper left in may cause damage to the pages. Avoid opening the book widely, as this can cause damage to the spine. Open the book only as wide as necessary to comfortably read the book. Carefully turn the pages, avoiding wrinkling or dimpling the paper when doing so.
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Protecting Hardcover Books

How to Care for Your Collectible Books: 18 Tips

Poll What do you do with the dust jacket from a hardcover book? I take it off while I read, then put it back on when done. I leave it on while I read. I throw it away. What is a dust jacket? I only read paper backs.

Post a Comment. Who doesn't love paperback books? They are cheap, easy to pack and lightweight. Unlike hardcover books, paperbacks have thick paper covers and the textblocks are glued together instead of stitched or stapled. Paperbacks were designed to be affordable, not to last. Often times, you will find that the paper used in these softbound books are highly acidic. Not to mention all of the other issues that are less customary for our hardcover companions

Books are truly intriguing objects. They link our physical selves to the reality stored within the book's pages. They serve as memories, as lessons, and so much more. They can contain stories meant for children to complicated methods of hacking. There are many ways to treat and care for your books, whether you have a collection of rare books or simply want to keep your existing books in a good condition.

Handle Your Books Hygienically

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  1. Even though eBook readers like the Kindle are popular, paperback books are still awesome.

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