How to find book reviews online

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How to Get Free Book Reviews without having a blog, email list or begging

General Sources include multidisciplinary and general interest sources. Books Published Before include print and online sources for locating older reviews. Academic Book Reviews link to the best sources for reviews in each discipline. Remember : Most book reviews are published close to the time of publication. Try searching WorldCat.
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3 ways to find book reviewers for YOUR book

Internet Social Media.

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Having written several reviews and sent many requests to reviewers, I know how hard it can be to get them. When researching the review outlets, I focused on places where indie publications have a voice—although this list may serve traditionally published books as well. Some of these outlets may be familiar to you. Others may provide a broader perspective on how to approach reviews. The choices range from free editorial reviews to paid reviews and social media.

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Scholarly reviews are written for scholars by scholars. These reviews place the book within the scholarly discourse, compare the book to other works in the field, and analyze the author's methodology, interpretations, and conclusions. Due to this amount of engagement with the book, reviews of academic titles may appear two or three years after publication of the book. The searches in most of the databases below will find scholarly book reviews in addition to general interest and critical reviews. Scholarly reviews will be published in journals, and tend to be longer and more recent. In addition to the resources below, see also subject databases related to the discipline of the book.

However, how does a new author get those crucial Kindle book reviews that will help to drive up sales? But what about the rest of us? Did you know that certain Amazon shoppers make their contact information public willingly? More importantly, these same shoppers also like to leave book reviews for free. Inside of your own Amazon account, you have the ability to put your email address in there and make it public. Now before you freak out about the potential of your email being seen publicly, you have to actively go in there and actively make it public. But there are customers out there who do exactly that and make their email public on Amazon.

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  1. To locate book reviews, you need to know the following information: Search the online index by author or title of work to find out which issue reviews your book.

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