How does the walking dead comic book end

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how does the walking dead comic book end

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THE Walking Dead will soon run out of material from the comics to adapt. The graphic novels, created by Robert Kirkman, form the basis of the celebrated zombie apocalypse drama. So it no doubt came as a shock to producers when he announced that the issue released in July would be the last. The special instalment skipped decades into the future, serving as a kind of epilogue for readers. Maggie was left leading the Commonwealth, while Michonne ruled over Alexandria, in a world where the number of walkers had declined significantly. Producer Denise Huth admitted that while the fate of the show remained uncertain in the wake of Kirkman calling time on the comics, she hoped the show would survive by deviating from the source material.
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The Walking Dead - Last Comic Review - The End of the Rick Grimes Saga

It's inevitable, and not just because the show's ratings have been in steady decline for the better part of the last four or five seasons. This means that, no matter how many spin-off series AMC has in the pipeline or how many diversions the show has taken from the books, the O. And from what we know of the final, surprisingly hopeful frames of Kirkman's comic book series, the AMC team behind The Walking Dead will be forced to take a dramatically different narrative track when they finally close out the series. Just FYI — we weren't simply being clever with that spoiler warning. Consider yourself warned.

Honestly, I feel as though the entire ending was rushed, as though Kirkman had written himself in the corner and decided simply to bring it to a close. There was a lot of possibility contained within The Commonwealth — a civilized community of about 50, people with its own military and sporting venues that divided itself in classes — that Kirkman opted against exploring more deeply. Instead, he decided to use it basically as a tool to kill off Rick Grimes in something of an anticlimactic fashion. Set a decade or more into the future, it sees childhood friends Carl and Sophia both of whom are not dead in the comics, but there were killed off on the TV show as a married couple. They have a daughter named Andrea. Eugene is working on a railroad.

After joining with some other survivors, he gradually takes on the role of leader of a community as it struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse. First issued in by publisher Image Comics , the comic is written by Kirkman [3] with art by Moore issues No. The television program loosely follows the storyline of the comic book. The original pitch by Kirkman and Moore was for a followup to George A. Romero 's Night of the Living Dead , with the series taking place in the s. The Walking Dead debuted in , published by Image Comics , with art by Tony Moore for the first six issues and Cliff Rathburn shading the art after issue five. Charlie Adlard took over as artist on issue 7, after he was approached by Kirkman.

'The Walking Dead' comic book ending guarantees a very different finale "I've been building to this for years, and it does feel good to end on.
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Total immersion is one of the best things one can experience in their art. The adventure of Rick, Carl, Michonne, and co. Kirkman had been quoted as saying the story could and would go on forever, and failing forever at least around issues. The rumors and online chatter were true. What once began with comatose Rick Grimes waking up with a gasp in a hospital room now ends with his son resting in the brave new world they built together. The never-ending story has suddenly ended.

A producer on The Walking Dead has assured fans that the comic book ending won't majorly impact the TV show. Earlier this year, creator Robert Kirkman surprised fans by announcing that the comics were coming to an end , with the final issue released in July. Spoiler warning: the final issue skipped decades into the future and saw Maggie leading the Commonwealth while Michonne led Alexandria in a world with a much less dense walker population. Related: Walking Dead star addresses possible season 10 comics death. Rick Grimes was killed off in the penultimate comic book, although his son Carl survived. But speaking recently, The Walking Dead producer Denise Huth said the comic book's abrupt ending won't necessarily be reflected on screens. This news comes ahead of the season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead next week.


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  1. The panels would then transition from Rick's face as an inspiring leader in the middle of a landmark speech, to that same face as part of a commemorative statue many years into the future.

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