How to cut the binding off a book

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how to cut the binding off a book

Unbind a Hardcover Book: 4 Steps

What's with the ads? A long time ago, someone mentioned how they prefer to have their books wire bound. They said they take their books somewhere to have the binding cut off, then cut and fit to be spiral bound. Where does one go for something like that? Could I have the binding cut off and then bound it myself? I was told at Kinko's that if the spine is thick i.
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How to remove binding from a book

Unbind a Hardcover Book

Bookbinding is almost a lost art. Learning bookbinding skills is a great hobby, plus it allows you to have personalized bindings on your favorite books. One of these important skills is how to remove the original binding without damaging your books. Purchase a set of bookbinding tools, such as those found on Peachey's website, to remove a traditional binding. Use these tools, particularly the scalpel, to help remove the book's binding without damaging the pages. Eliminate the hard cover of the book quickly.

I am now a happy ProClick owner, and have a question for your binding veterans. How do you cut off a binding of a paperback book without entirely trashing the book? I have tried doing it myself, but still think that the very minimal charge is TOTALLY worth it to get even cuts, nice edges, and save a lot of stress and time! I have done this. First I carefully tear each page out and then cut binding how I want it.

The binding in a book helps keep the pages together. If you are trying to use images from the book for an art project, however, unbinding a book first can help you remove the pages without damaging them. Unbinding a book also comes in handy if your current binding is damaged and you want to replace it. Luckily, whether your book is hardcover, softcover, or has a spiral binding, removing the binding is easy as long as you follow the correct techniques. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 10 references.

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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. This is a crucial step. These are generally all attached to one main sewn on segment. These really are the deepest. Working from one cover to the next, slice along the seam of the end pages with the exacto knife. Once you have sliced the end pages apart from each other you should be able to see or feel some strings holding together the text blocks.

Privacy Terms. Quick links. Destructive scan: page removal Book scanning methods that involve taking books apart. What's a good method of removing the pages? I was planning on taking a hack saw to the inner edge of the pages, but that is probably not the best way to do it Thanks. This will remove the hard cardboard covers which you can scan with a flatbed scanner later and leave you with the textblock.


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  1. Cut off the back cover of the book. Flip the book over and make a straight cut down the binding of the book. Pull the back cover away so that it's no longer.

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