How to annotate a book with sticky notes

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how to annotate a book with sticky notes

Eighth grade Lesson Introducing the Post-It Annotation Process

Writing in your texts as you read—annotating them—is encouraged! You can jot down questions and ideas as they come to you. Capturing these ideas as they occur to you is important, for they may play a role in not just understanding the text better but also in your college assignments. In other words, you can annotate a college textbook and still sell it back to the bookstore later on if you choose to. Note that I say most—if you have questions about your own school and plan to sell back any textbooks, be sure to ask at the bookstore before you annotate. You might also choose to use sticky notes to capture your ideas—these can be stuck to specific pages for later recall.
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How Do You Annotate Your Books?

A couple of days ago, I posted this on Twitter as a joke:. Besides my post providing a laugh for some people, it also made people ask if the book on the left was my book, and if so, how I annotated it. For me, I like to use lots of different coloured sticky notes and have a key at the front or back of my book that reminds me what colour means what. For example, I prefer to stick these tiny pieces of plastic on a page depending on the themes or the characters. Or I might even have a colour sticky note designated to quotes I like. You can use coloured sticky notes for everything! The next step up from sticky notes is highlighters — which can be scary for some people.

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We use cookies to personalize your experience on our websites. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. The school year starts soon. It's time for students to return to their textbooks and study hard. Preparing for classes or writing papers requires a lot of reading. It's not enough to read a book; you have to understand and remember its main ideas to use them in your written assignment or answer exam questions.

I start this lesson with a quick writing activity. When they arrive, they are expected to write for 3 minutes without stopping, in response to the following prompt:. When you read a novel for school, what is your process for keeping track of information, action, characters, etc.?
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Anticipatory Set

HOW I ANNOTATE -- With and without writing in my books

Renting books or borrowing them from the library is no doubt the cheapest way to read. Websites like Amazon or Chegg say you can write in your books minimally—how much annotation is too much? Try these five ways to annotate books without marking them up. Sticky notes allow you to write down small annotations within the book without writing on the page. Post-Its also help with organization—choose a few colors and create a key for what each color means. Stick a green note to the page when you want to summarize a particularly lengthy or confusing passage. Finally, use a power verb to indicate what the author is doing on a pink tab.

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  1. Annotating a book is a great way to make notes on the text. Get colored sticky notes or tabs to mark pages or passages as part of your.

  2. Trekas's Guidelines for Annotating the book Night: ➢ Make brief (on sticky notes). ➢ While you read, use marginal notes to mark key material.

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