How to stop being an open book

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how to stop being an open book

13 Struggles Of Being Guarded But Wanting To Be An Open Book | Thought Catalog

I learned the hard way how naive a statement that is. I remember one time I was out with friends and one of them said how they admired that I was the type of person that was the first to try new things or to do something new instead of just following what others think or did. They both were probably right. I remember going online years ago as a kid. I was in wonder over the internet. I put in an AOL disk that I got in the mail.
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Open Book Exam

How to stop being an open book when talking to friends?

Sometimes you need to hear the truth and have it affirmed from someone who isn't out to harm you and actually cares about you. Helpmeplease44 good friends never judge : i have at least two good friends and i can always count on them. It's not an overnight thing but can be done through practice and conditioning. Every time you catch yourself doing it pinch your arm very hard. Corri14 Xper 4. My nye resolution is to stop sharing personal details about my love life and among other things with my friends. I really need to learn how to have a private life.

You know what I mean? With that as our foundation, we can nurture relationships built on something genuine. Regardless of your niche or what specific value you offer your audience, all of your best relationships will share one distinct element: a foundation of trust. You have to build trust , and one way to begin is by making it easy for others to like you. It is so much easier for people to trust you and your brand when they like you. To trust you, your audience has to like you, and to like you, they need to know you.

I had a conversation with a friend recently. We were discussing the concept of being an open book. I know a lot of people who have a problem with the concept. I will not argue against that point. That is something that should be considered when sharing certain things. However, I believe as a general rule being an open book has kept me out of trouble.


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  1. They might even laugh and ask why you even asked them in the first place because it seems so simple.

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