How to make a book cradle

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how to make a book cradle

The Collapsible Book Cradle | The Preservation Lab Blog

Blaser Construction of Plexiglas Book Cradles Holding books open safely during an exhibit has been a long time concern of the library community. Although Plexiglas cradling techniques have been used for some time, the directions have only been given out more or less by word of mouth. While I was at the Library of Congress in the mid 's, I was lucky enough to be trained to construct Plexiglas cradles by Christopher Clarkson. The following is a description of drawing cradle patterns and using those patterns to construct the finished cradles. The first thing to determine is the extent to which the book will open comfortably without putting a strain on the cover, endpapers, sewing or textblock paper. Open the book to the page to be displayed by allowing the book to fall open at this point in your hands without forcing the cover open. Once the cover has been opened to a comfortable point, double check the covers' hinges and the endpapers' joints to be certain they are not pulling and straining.
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Collapsible and Portable Book Cradle

Make a Book Binding Cradle

One of my favorite parts of the job is learning new and unexpected skills that help me to share our collections—especially when it means I get to play around with paper. Lindemann , Photo by Molly Schwartzburg. Gather your supplies: rulers, bone folder, scissors, point acid-free board the weight used to make most collection housings , thin poly strap, narrow double-sided tape, and scissors. To get a nice clean cut when you slice your board, I recommend using a board shear, but scissors and a ruler will work in a pinch. Please note that these instructions apply only to miniature books, and may not succeed with larger books. Consult with your conservator to determine a safe and healthy opening angle for your book.

Coptic book binding is a traditional form of book binding that has been around for thousands of years. Although it is fairly simple, there are some specialized tools you might find incredibly handy when binding your own books. In this Instructable I will show you a simple and easy way to make your own book binding cradle which only took me around 15 mins to make thanks to the tools at TechShop San Jose. You will need: a 24"x12" piece of wood or other material to cut your cradle out of blue painter's tape wood glue or another type of glue depending on what you make your cradle out of Laser cutter or wood working tools. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

I recently purchased a few art books and would like to make a book cradle to support and protect the binding. This collapsible book cradle looks great although I'm having trouble sourcing the materials. It seems to be made from some form of fabric covered card stock and velcro. For the inside a good thick cardboard would be the simplest to work with. Any hobby or craft store will have the items you need and so would Amazon. KylevT : Thanks for the reply I'd appreciate a list of materials.

As part of the preparation for the Shakespeare pop-up exhibition book cradles were especially made for a selection of volumes exhibited. This was done to make sure that the books that were displayed were fully supported and not to put undue strain on the open volumes and bindings. Improper display and handling of books can cause irreparable damage!
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