How to create comic book panels in photoshop

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how to create comic book panels in photoshop

The PC Weenies | Creating a Flexible Comic Strip Panel Layout using Adobe Photoshop

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Published 02.06.2019

01 Digital illustration Introduction Photoshop Creating Comic Book Panels

From sketch to colored Marvel comic

Have you ever wanted to turn your favorite photos and subjects into comic-like scenes and characters? You can achieve fun comic book effects for your photos with a few tweaks in Photoshop, as described by the following 10 comic book Photoshop tutorials. Turn any scene into a highly stylized comic book panel using the filters and other Photoshop techniques detailed in this tutorial. Many comic tutorials only show you how to use one filter. This tutorial shows you how to use as series of filters to add quality to your Photoshop comic book graphics. Turn portraits into pixelated illustrations with the tips you'll learn in this Photoshop tutorial.

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If you make a comic strip on a regular basis, chances are strong that you have a standard panel template file that you use for all your strips. On PC Weenies I have been using the same four panel layout for the past 4 years, with minor tweaks here and there. Instead of keeping four separate template comic strip files, now I use only one. This new comic strip template file lets me easily switch between a myriad of panel layouts. Always work at the largest size possible. The dimensions for my Photoshop file are 7. I work in RGB space.

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  1. O HAI IT'S A PAGE FROM MY DOUJIN LOL. Overview 1) Set line art layer to Multiply (or make a line-only layer) 2) Select Rectangle Tool (U).

  2. This tutorial will teach you how to put various elements popularly found in comic book pages - "hand-drawn" panel borders, text boxes, comic fonts and sound texts - using Adobe Photoshop.

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