How to sell books at a book fair

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how to sell books at a book fair

How to Sell Books at Book Festival: 9 Pieces of Advice

If you want to sell lots of books at a book festival, you need to do more than just show up. If you stand behind your table and wait for people to buy, you might have a long wait. But if you're active and friendly, and stand out from the crowd, you'll sell more books than you can imagine. Here are five sure-fire tips to maximize your sales at book fairs:. Next, think accessories: What's a logical tie-in to the book that would zip up the look of your booth? For my "Infertility Diet" book, for example, I scatter pregnancy-test kits around the table - because they're eye-catching, and people walk over to find out why they're there. If that stack of books doesn't look inviting, it's unlikely that you're going to find buyers.
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15 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events

We always advise that this kind of event is more about publishers doing deals with each other, and authors who attend can often feel curiously sidelined there. At a fair, myriad international publishers, agencies and other entities are represented all in one place, and all open to having meetings about buying and selling rights. Spotting the opportunities at Frankfurt Book Fair…. While you need a plan to make the most of the fair, even without appointments, book fairs still provide a good opportunity to do unscheduled meet-and-greets, get emails and build correspondences and networks within the international rights buying community. An appointment can be sought, a catalogue or sales sheet left on their stand, together with a business card and details of where you can be found at the fair. As an author-publisher, you can choose to approach a book fair as a publisher where your stand is a booth or agent where your stand is a table on the rights floor.

Now, start noodling … what will make your table, your set-up shine and most important, be comfortable for you? Some are just a day—others a three-day weekend. Note: Make sure you keep your table cleaned up and spiffy looking. I have a few clients who focus only on craft fairs. Concentrating on book sales during the spring and summer months—every weekend is out and about. Cookbooks do very well—one sold over 10, in three years offering samplings of appetizers within its pages — one bite and another book was sold! Books that attract women are always a hit.

October 23, by Penny Sansevieri 7 Comments. So often we decide to do these events, without any kind of real insight into what it takes to make them successful. As authors, we spend a lot of time online, or locked behind our computers. And while this has merit, there is nothing quite like an in-person event. Some years back, I was promoting a fiction book I wrote, The Cliffhanger. The book was set in Oregon and I traveled up there to do some events.

2. Book signings are boring

It happens every year in the fall, and this was my third appearance. Every time I sign books at a regional fair in Ohio or Kentucky, I seem to get better at interacting with readers. If possible, stand. So stand if your health allows it. Bring a blown-up poster of your book cover.

The Gaithersburg Book Festival is just one of several in person events we do each year, where we meet readers, sign books, and hopefully make a few sales. In fact, I actually really really enjoy it, even if I have to stare at the wall for days after I do one of these events. Some of the things that work for us include:. Give readers a chance to browse in silence. Book fairs can be exhausting and everyone is trying to get their books in readers hands and earn back their table fees. Interacting with people can help boost your sales, but give them a moment first. Not everyone wants to converse with you to find out a price.


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  1. Planning for a book fair, comic con, or any book sales event is a lot of work which distracts from precious writing time!

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