Coping skills for substance abuse worksheets pdf

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coping skills for substance abuse worksheets pdf

SMART Recovery Toolbox - SMART Recovery

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Addiction Relapse Prevention Strategies

Coping Skills: Addictions

Coping skills are one part of the puzzle that is sobriety. With the right knowledge and skills, your clients will be better prepared to face life's challenges without falling back into their old habits. The Coping Skills: Addictions worksheet organizes skills into five major categories: Social support, diversions, building new habits, prevention, and managing emotions. Each section provides a summary of the skill, and how it can be used to reduce the risk of relapse. This printout is an info sheet, but there's plenty of room for client interaction. Develop a plan where your client focuses on their favorite coping skills, and figures out specifically how they can implement them into their life.

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What is Addiction?

The SMART Recovery Toolbox provides a variety of methods, worksheets, and exercises to help you self-manage your addiction recovery and your life. This collection of sensible tools is based on developing cognitive thinking skills to support you through addiction recovery. ABC Worksheet. CBA Worksheet. ABC Crash Course.

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