A simple chess opening repertoire for white pdf

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a simple chess opening repertoire for white pdf

A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White PDF Download

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My First Chess Opening Repertoire for White by Vincent Moret [Review]

Symbols Bibliography Introduction 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. French players often have more experience in these structures than their opponents do. Accordingly, it is particularly attractive to lure them into structures with which they are unfamiliar, which White can try to do with 2 d4 d5 3 d2 D followed by gf3, d3 and c3, aiming to keep the pawn on e4 and meet

A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White

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By carefully choosing variations that lead to similar structures, IM Sam Collins has put together a powerful repertoire book ideal for players with limited study time. White opens with 1 e4 and develops his pieces to natural squares, seeking open lines and the initiative. The dominant theme of this sound and active repertoire is that — where reasonable — White seeks out Isolated Queen Pawn IQP positions: i. There are no speculative gambits here, just plenty of healthy aggression and new ideas. The specific analysis is up-to-the-minute and features ideas that have proven their worth in grandmaster practice. Irish international master Sam Collins won the championship of his home country in and

A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White Compiled by kenilworthian This is a collection of games from Sam Collins's excellent book, "A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White," which presents a complete king's pawn repertoire focused around the isolated queen's pawn IQP and related lines -- generally where White plays for dark square control and attack in an open position. This is a very good repertoire for ambitious young players because it teaches an important pawn structure that can arise in a wide range of both d-pawn or e-pawn openings, and it therefore creates the basis for assimilating a wide range of opening ideas. Though I am personally interested in some variations in the book more than others, I have long been interested in the IQP structure and have found much of value in the book on the IQP generally -- as I had from Collins's earlier opening repertoire for White titled "An Attacking Repertoire for White" which also focused on the IQP but with rather less "simple" lines. Ambitious players would do well to also spend some time studying the isolated queen pawn structure. I would especially recommend finding GM Alexandr Baburin's now classic "Winning Pawn Structures"; the book is out of print and often available only at inflated prices, but a number of. I have also found the book "Isolani Strategy" by Alexander Beliavsky, Oleg Stetsko, and Adrian Mikhalchishin of use, though it is also becoming more rare. For those less interested in books, there are a number of online videos and articles that can be of help as well.





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