Boma 2017 for office buildings standard methods of measurement pdf

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boma 2017 for office buildings standard methods of measurement pdf

BOMA Office Standards Overview & Comparison - Extreme Measures Inc

The Standard is used by building owners, facility managers, leasing professionals, tenants, appraisers, architects, planners, and building measurement professionals to compute floor area in office buildings using an agreed-upon, standard method of measurement. BOMA International first developed the standard in Since then, it has undergone several revisions. The most recent major revisions are from , and There is a common misperception that BOMA is a distinct standard unto itself, however this is not the case.
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Method of Measurements in Quantity Surveying

New BOMA Standard: What Size is Your Office Building Really?

Measurement and allocation of square footage are critically important in the context of commercial office leasing, as many financial concepts, such as base rent, additional rent and tenant improvement allowances, are directly linked to the number of square feet in the applicable premises. BOMA revises the office standard at least once every five years to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the commercial real estate industry. The following three modifications affect the measurement of square footage and, therefore, may change the number of square feet in some office buildings. Inclusion of Balconies, Covered Galleries and Finished Rooftop Terraces With more and more millennials entering the workforce, office spaces are shifting from cubicle farms to collaborative havens replete with common areas indoors and out designed to inspire creativity. The square footage of these exterior amenity areas was not adequately accounted for in previous BOMA standards; therefore, this modification may increase the number of square feet in some existing office buildings. To maximize revenues in an office building that provides these outdoor areas, landlords may want to consider using the BOMA standard of measurement. Under BOMA , the lowest level of all major vertical penetrations e.

Most notable are the ability to now include exterior balconies and roof top terraces in Rentable area, as well as the lowest level of elevators and stairwells in a building, typically excluded as vertical penetrations in previous releases. Lasertech Floorplans of course is working on the implementation of this Standard, and will be making it available to all of our clients as an option going forward. In the short term, until it is actually implemented, we are offering to do free conversions from the current Office Standard to the new version, for all projects approved going forward. And then once implemented, we will offer as we always have in the past a conversion service to convert your buildings from any previous version to the current version. This would typically not require any site visit, simply CAD work. The standard has evolved over time and is known as the preeminent standard for calculating areas in Office Buildings. The application of the standard produces areas vital to lease transactions and building valuation in a consistent manner, regardless of geographic location, building architecture, or the practitioner who applies it.

GenslerOnWork examines the modern workplace and how design can help us become more engaged and productive as we earn our livings. This fall, the Building Owners and Managers Association International BOMA will release the latest version of its Office Standard, which provides a uniform basis for measuring rentable area in both existing and new office buildings. The version will adopt the best practices learned from the Standard and seeks to accommodate design and amenity trends, which have evolved since the previous standard was released. The updates will impact the way that building measurements are calculated and may change the rentable area of a building that was measured with either BOMA or Office. In addition to potential change to the rentable area, BOMA Office allows more transparency into building transactions by creating an equitable way to proportionally divide space, allowing a better comparison of buildings. Please note that in addition to the changes noted, there are multiple nuances that affect the measurements including special conditions, space classifications, tenant ancillary areas, advanced calculations and more.

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DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing. Visit FileOpen to see the full list. BOMA Z What is a Redline? A redline document shows additions, deletions and other content and formatting changes between the active standard and the previous edition. If you purchase a redline upgrade, you will receive TWO versions of the document — the current edition of the standard and the redline version.

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