Donkey Trekking Africa

donkey in Mozambique
Family with donkey in Mozambique

Donkey Trekking Africa


  • Training is provided on how to look after your donkey
  • Your donkey doesn’t carry you, just your luggage
  • Your donkey can carry a small child for limited periods
  • Your donkey should carry no more than 40kg
  • Your donkey will need regular breaks, with shade
  • Your donkey will need access to clean drinking water
  • Your donkey will need suitable accommodation at night
  • You donkey will need hay in the morning and evening

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Ellen Cochrane, Volunteer trainer, Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary

Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary, Marrakesh, Morocco Charles Hantom and Susan Machin, retired lawyers from the UK, manage the Moroccan Association they established to care for abandoned equines and to provide work for local people. Visitors are welcome either to just enjoy the company of the animals, visit the coffee shop or walk the foothills with a donkey. Rides are available for children under 10 years and if the temperature is below 34C.

Ânes Sans Frontières Circuit Mûle 5 jours, Djebel Taliouine, au pays du Safran, Anti-Atlas, sud Maroc.
Ânes Sans Frontières, sud Maroc

Ânes Sans Frontières Circuit Mûle 5 jours, Djebel Taliouine, au pays du Safran, Anti-Atlas, sud Maroc.

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African Environments, Arusha Walking safaris in the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Game Reserves bordering the Serengeti National Park. Depending on the itinerary a walking trip may be vehicle supported or may use Maasai donkeys to transport the camp.

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Please note: Trekking venues are subject to change. Please check for up-to-date information before travelling. Donkey Time cannot accept any responsibility for bookings made using links on this page. 

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