Donkey News 2018

donkey training news
Donkeys train for new jobs at Equine Spirit Sanctuary, New Mexico

Donkey News 2018

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donkey therapy visit
William at Wharparilla Lodge

Eeyore a winner at Wharparilla Lodge Riverine Herald, 9 February 2018. William from Tongala Donkey Shelter, Australia gives the residents of Wharparilla Lodge a warm and fuzzy feeling! 

reducing burro population
Reducing burro population, The Daily Miner

Reducing burro population goal of BLM pilot vaccination program Hubble Ray Smith, The Daily Miner, 8 February 2018. The Humane Society of the United States is working with the BLM on a new vaccination program, to humanely manage wild burro populations in Arizona, while keeping the need to remove burros to a minimum.

donkey training news
Donkeys train for new jobs at Equine Spirit Sanctuary

Donkeys train for new jobs at Equine Spirit Sanctuary Ruth Bourgeois, The Taos News, 8 February 2018. Volunteer Bruce Lee is training donkeys Grace and Joy to be pack donkeys in New Mexico. 

The Donkey Market, The Economist

The Donkey Market Mike Baker, Chief Executive Officer, The Donkey Sanctuary, The Economist, 3 February 2018. Concise and well-written rebuttal summarising how China’s ejiao industry is resulting in the poaching and slaughter of an animal that supports and sustains some of the world’s poorest people. 

donkey news
Donkeys give emotional support, Horse & Hound

Donkeys give emotional support to young cancer survivors Lucy Elder, Horse & Hound 7 January 2018 Article about donkey therapy for young cancer survivors. 

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