Best bookstores in the world

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best bookstores in the world

World’s 19 Most Stunning Bookstores – Fodors Travel Guide

I love traveling, though sadly I suck at planning my trips. But there are few things more tragic than knowing I strolled through the streets of a far off city and walked right past a book attraction I may never get the chance to see again. How was I to know that inconspicuous, little doorway held a literary landscape beyond my wildest imaginings? I write this list with a heaping spoonful of regret. This is a collection of bookstores that got away. The menu might seem pricey, but their signature tea time scones and massive wall-spanning bookshelves make it all worth it.
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BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content

26 bookstores every book lover must visit in their lifetime

The golden age of bookstores may have passed, but even in this digital era, the world is home to more than a few bookshelf-lined shops that beg to be browsed for hours on end. After all, nothing can replace the feeling of getting lost in a beautiful bookstore. Originally a 13th-century cathedral, the building was converted to a bookshop in Daunt Books has six locations in London, and its Marylebone shop is undoubtedly the most spectacular. With herringbone floors, a huge stained glass window, and a skylight fit for a greenhouse, the Edwardian bookstore is a lovely place to buy a novel by Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde. Ascend the balcony for a great view of the charming space. The well-curated travel section has travel-themed literature and poetry in addition to useful guidebooks.

On the occasion of this, her st birthday, I was inspired to look into the history of Beach and the bookstore—as well as the stories behind some of the other best, most visited, and most talked-out bookstores around the world. Shakespeare and Company is often described as the most famous bookstore in the world—but which one is the most famous? There have actually been three versions of what is often described as the most famous bookstore in the world: the first was opened by Sylvia Beach in on the rue Dupuytren. Beach declined to sell him the book. In the end, she would spend six months in an internment camp in Vittel, and her bookshop would never reopen.

Maastricht, the Netherlands. But this charming spot is one of our favourite. This church, located in the heart of Maastricht, is converted into a bookstore. They offer a variaty of books, cds, dvds and vinyl. They get bonus points for their pet-friendly policy too! Paris, France.

Boekhandel Dominicanen

News 22 most beautiful bookshops in the world. This is an incredible modern bookshop located in a former industrial textile warehouse. The building also houses advertising agencies, designer shops and art galleries. You can enjoy a coffee and admire the quirky surroundings, such as the sculpture of a woman on a flying bicycle. On Sundays it turns into a market selling antiques and crafts. What more could you possibly ask for?

If you've never been bitten by the travel bug before, this might be the moment everything changes for you. Maybe Instagrams of tropical beaches or snowy mountaintops didn't make you jealous — but reading about the biggest bookshops around the world is sure to get you itching for a trip. These 12 bookstores are big, beautiful, and magnificent; within their walls you can lose yourself in books for hours at a time. Just don't blame me when you spend all your rent money on books, OK? Small cozy bookstores are adorable — but you have to admit there's something pretty breathtaking about a ginormous room full of all the books your heart could ever desire. Even just standing inside one, staring up at the mountains of books that surround you, is enough to give any book-lover serious chills — and once you get your wallet out, it's time to wave your savings goodbye. But you know what?

Books can transport you across the world, so it's definitely worth traveling to buy one. This bookstore started out as a theater in , and was eventually transformed into a a stunning bookstore in Customers can sit in still-intact theater boxes to relax and browse their books. The space is massive. It holds more than , books, and the bookshelves fill the space where the audience once sat. The store re-opened in and has become a popular favorite because of its ambiance and selection. In the time since, it's become an integral part of the Nashville literary community.

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