Classic non fiction books for young adults

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classic non fiction books for young adults

50 Essential Non-Fiction Books You'll Actually Read

Highlighting nonfiction for teens is one of my passions. YA nonfiction covers everything topic-wise that adult nonfiction covers. There are memoirs and biographies, histories of events or individuals who changed the course of those historical events, personal essay collections, and more. Some YA nonfiction books are told through the comic format while others are told through scrapbook style formatting, allowing images and documents to pepper the prose. Some are also told in verse. One of the challenges of defining YA nonfiction books, though, comes from age distinctions.
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Non-Fiction - 5 Book Recommendations

Feb 4, YA nonfiction books have grown from "report books" to immersive, exciting and murder set against the backdrop of the Great Depression.

50 Essential Non-Fiction Books (You'll Actually Read)

Complex, passionate, brilliant, flawed—Alexander Hamilton comes alive in this exciting biography. He was born out of wedlock on a small island in the West Indies and orphaned as a teenager. From those inauspicious circumstances, he rose to a position of power and influence in colonial America. For the last several years, the world of young adult nonfiction has been expanding rapidly, which means there are a ton of great books for readers of all ages to consider picking up. For the purposes of this list of 10 great books, I focused on titles that hit the older end of of the YA spectrum, and that were originally written for young adult audiences so, no YA adaptations of adult nonfiction. I also skipped over comics and graphic novels, which could be another list altogether.

What non-fiction books are missing from our list?

But they would be remiss to overlook some of the amazing nonfiction works that are equally captivating, thought-provoking, and even worldview-affecting. Here are 10 extra-compelling nonfiction books for teens that span all kinds of interests and curiosities. In December , it was announced that every year-old in Sweden would be given a copy of this book. Step away from the online quizzes! The teen years can be awkward. But sometimes the early adult years continue to be awkward. Plus, Sundquist wrote it while in a relationship, so even the most hopelessly misguided teen dater will finish the read with some hope.

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  1. Jan 24, Let's get real with these nonfiction young adult books. Because great stories keep you turning pages, whether they are made up or true-to-life.

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