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the cure for wellness book

A Cure for Wellness: Gore Verbinski on the Film's Relevance | Collider

Read on below. This is a completely original thing you came up with as a movie. I just thought the title A Cure for Wellness sounds like a book title, like one of those bestsellers. I see. Maybe you do need to unplug.
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Watch and Review: A Cure For Wellness

How Scary Is 'A Cure For Wellness'? You'll Never Step Foot Into A Spa Again

Its plot follows a young executive who is sent to retrieve a colleague from a mysterious rehabilitation center in the Swiss Alps. Its screenplay, written by Haythe, is based on a story co-written by Haythe and Verbinski, who were both inspired by Thomas Mann 's novel The Magic Mountain. The film was released on February 17, by 20th Century Fox. Lockhart, an executive at a financial services firm in New York City, is sent by the board of directors to retrieve CEO Roland Pembroke, who had abruptly decided to stay at a "wellness center" in the Swiss Alps. At the spa, Lockhart is met with resistance by the staff and Dr. Heinreich Volmer in attempting to speak with Pembroke.

Sitting alone in a corner office is one particular striver who, toiling over financial charts and numbers and spreadsheets, works himself literally to death. He uses liquids and surfaces to capture eye-catching reflections, and fills the frame with conspicuously curated objects. In short, he creates a cinematic world imbued, in image and object and performance, with a sense of style. The rest of the film—the rest of the hundred-and-forty-six-minute-long film—takes place in or near that clinic, which turns out to be a palace of horrors in an idyllic setting. The treatment seems devised to liberate the mind while healing the body, to unleash and dispel the demons of the past while also purging the body of its accumulated toxins, but Lockhart soon senses that something is amiss in the compound. The same goes for the symmetrical groupings of patients, who perform synchronized exercises with matching solid-color medicine balls, or the patterned tiles of ballroom expanses and hospital floors, or the instruments of medical affliction with which Volmer works his diabolical scheme. The essence of style is that it is, in fact, substance.

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Director Gore Verbinski may be best known for helping Disney turn one of its most popular rides into a blockbuster film series, which — for better or for worse — encouraged Johnny Depp to start choosing roles based on how much eyeliner they required. But before he captained three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, Verbinski provided the vision for the American remake of The Ring , a moody and hair-raising supernatural horror flick. The movie is set in a Swiss wellness retreat that has more on the agenda than rest and relaxation. But just how scary is A Cure For Wellness? I've seen the movie and can confirm that A Cure For Wellness tries to pack in almost every type of scare. Some spoilers ahead. The setting is simultaneously majestic and creepy.

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