Good books for 90 year olds

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good books for 90 year olds

Recommended Reading for Older Men - Best Books for Father's Day

At best there is one of two grandmas: kindly or batshit. The same double-bind could be said for older women in literature, who arguably represent one of the most underwritten aspects of female experience. After the image of a year-old woman, vital, working, came into my head, I began seeking out an old-lady canon. I began to think of my book as a coming-of-death novel. Weirdly, the closer I delved into the closed-in days of looming death, the more I learned about living. Still, there is such a fear of female power in our culture that older women are ignored or infantilized, as though they are somehow less complex than us even though they are us, plus time. They might not need us, but we need them.
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Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

When I saw that Diana Athill and Herman Wouk had new books out this month, I knew it was high time someone called attention to writers who have lived before paperbacks, after ebooks, and experienced everything in between.

Popular Elderly Books

I received an email recently from Ken which read, "I am looking for a book, or biography, or a life experience narrative that speaks to an older male, lives alone, has no health issues, widower. There seem to be plenty of books out there written by and for women, but would like to know how other men have traveled this road? Although a few titles came to my mind, I was stumped for that special book to recommend to Ken, so asked our Facebook followers for their ideas. Within a couple of hours we had a wealth of suggestions, all of which, it occurred to me, could also be great recommendations for Father's Day, especially as a gift from an adult child. It tells the fictional story of a long-lost book that mysteriously connects an old man searching for his son and a girl seeking a cure for her widowed mother's loneliness. Pepper also thought that Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese might be a possibility. The first is a novel about a schoolteacher, who has been forced to retire at sixty-one, coming to terms with the final phase of his life; the second revolves around Macon Leary, a writer of travel guides whose son has been killed in a shooting at a fast-food restaurant.

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Stories about a good man and a good woman and how they are being good parents to their kids. I took to social media and asked for book recommendations on the CatholicMom. Wow, what a response! Good to have it in one printable place. Sandra D.

Relaxing with a good book is beneficial for people of all ages, but especially seniors, as it can reduce stress, provide mental simulation , and even improve memory. Listening to a book is more convenient and enjoyable for some, and eBooks allow you to enlarge the text, a perfect option for seniors who may have a hard time reading small print. Isolation, boredom and loneliness are an all too common reality for many older adults. If you notice signs of loneliness and boredom, take action. Reading is a wonderful way to improve the quality of life for seniors. We hope you can add at least one of these books to your reading list; maybe you can even start a senior citizen book club! If you read one, be sure to let us know what you thought of the book in the comments.


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