Feminist books for middle schoolers

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feminist books for middle schoolers

Best Feminist Literature For Middle Schoolers (43 books)

Skip to main content Feminist Books for Children. In Stock. I love all these books. What a great way to introduce kids to historical figures. And my 3 year old loves them. They fully hold her attention.
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9 of the Best Feminist Books for Your Teenager (Or You!)

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. What do we need now? Books that instill empathy. Books that show readers how to deal with the inevitable chaos and evil and injustice swirling around us especially in times like these. Books that portray fierce, intelligent, courageous, perseverant characters — especially girls! Luckily, the young-adult category is full of such books. Here are some of my favorites, from classics to nonfiction to poetry to novels.

Feminist G. Women are already strong. My husband and I both encourage our three daughters to understand and appreciate their strength, to see the strength in other girls too. If we had sons, we would be raising them as feminists as well. One way that we educate our girls is by introducing them to books written by women, about powerful young feminists.

Some of these are modern-day classics, some are fresh off the press. Some are overtly feminist, while others are less obviously but no less powerfully so. Add to Bag. The Upside of Unrequited , by Becky Albertalli Molly is an expert when it comes to crushes, and while she longs for her feelings to one day be requited, she has no desire to make any sort of move—crushing from afar is definitely more her speed. Until her twin sister, Cassie, gets her first real girlfriend, and Molly feels even more alone.

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. And what does any budding genius child need? Particularly, books that can help pave their way into a strong, courageous, patriarchy-defeating, feminist adulthood. Books the adults in their lives can read to them, and maybe even learn from themselves. Here are a few of my favorites for her growing collection, and maybe yours — now updated with additional books.

I give a lot of credit for my identity to my parents, my friends, and my strong desire to prove I could do what the boys could from a young age. But one of the biggest influences was what I read. Sure, we're not exactly hunting for empowering themes when we're 11 years old and slogging through middle school reading But think back to your favorite books growing up, and I bet you'll be surprised to realize how pro-woman they made you before you even knew what feminism was. Whether they do it obviously or with a subtle touch, these 12 books for young people will get your feminist wheels spinning at any age. Read 'em now or pass them on to your favorite kid. They're all still so good.

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  1. Most Americans say they believe in the full equality of men and women — the most straightforward definition of feminism — and that they want to raise children that way.

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