Digital book reader for the blind

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digital book reader for the blind

E-Readers and technology to assist the Blind

When someone is visually impaired and loves literature, it is often a daunting endeavour to read the books by the authors they love, or to discover new authors. When someone is near sighted, blind or has dyslexia it is tremendously difficult to read books, or menus unless they are in brail or to listen to audio books. E-Books and E-Readers not only are designed for portable reading, but they also save you a ton of money in the long-term. Brail books are often very expensive and most of the times their selection of books are not widely available. The whole point of an e-reader is to save money buying digital books instead of tangible books. E-Readers with text to speech functions such as the Amazon Kindle are hard to turn on, and people may need assistance to even turn the function on.
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How Blind People Read Ebooks

QRead: The Accessible eBook reader for the blind

QRead is an innovative and powerful eText reader for the Windows platform. Perfect for students , professionals , and casual readers alike, QRead provides access to a wide range of e-book formats with support for bookmarking , searching , and more all in a convenient and intuitive tabbed interface. Have you read a good book lately? Are you tempted by the thousands of books online but can't figure out how to read them accessibly? You've probably heard that the way the world reads books is changing. EBooks, digital versions of print books, have exploded in popularity. While people still buy print books, many more buy electronic books online and read them with devices like computers, tablets, and phones.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A talking reading machine designed to make reading more enjoyable without the need to learn a complex computer system and for those wishing to read mail, magazines and books with ease. Eye-Pal ROL is a revolutionary reader for the blind: portable, comfortable and convenient. Eye-Pal ROL is battery powered. For a long time you wished to be able to take your reader along to an appointment or to a restaurant — and now you can! With MB of memory and a powerful MHz dual-core processor, it prints documents with graphics and images effortlessly.



T he book, not just as a source of knowledge or entertainment, but as an intrinsically pleasing object, is a familiar theme. Indeed, it came up yet again in this newspaper's letters pages earlier this week. The point of this latest diatribe against the rise of the ebook was that physical books leave a trace, can be passed on, enhance a room, rekindle no pun intended a memory. The perversity comes in my reaching for it at all. I was born blind, and reading for me has always meant braille. I've had much fun and satisfaction from books, but they are the one case where I've not been able to adhere to my rule of not mourning what I couldn't have. To be fair, the classics were there — like the Desert Island Discs castaways, we had Shakespeare and the Bible, the latter stretching over more than a hundred volumes, thanks to the bulk of braille books — but not what kids want to read.

Request a visit from one of our volunteers. Contact us for advice and information. Speak to us about your project requirements. Request a Workplace Assessment. Reading an adventure story with your child is perhaps one of the foremost pleasures of parenting.

In addition to recorded book collections for people who are blind or visually impaired , it's possible to obtain and access mainstream electronic books and periodicals. Project Gutenberg , named in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the moveable type printing press, was founded in with the goal of making culturally important works of literature freely available to the public. The collection currently includes over 47, public domain titles ranging from the Declaration of Independence, which was the very first Project Gutenberg submission, to the complete works of Homer, Shakespeare, Captain John Smith, and nearly all other writers whose works are in the public domain. Project Gutenberg books are available in a number of formats, including plain text files you can read with any word processing software, HTML files you can read using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or another web browser, and a wide selection of mobile apps, including Read2Go for Apple iOS and the Go Read app for Google Android. These days a growing percentage of books are being sold as eBooks, digital rights management DRM protected computer files that contain the entire book, from table of contents to charts and illustrations. Amazon is by far the largest seller of eBooks, which they call Kindle Books. Searching either of those websites, you will likely find your desired book listed in three or even four different formats.

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