A thesaurus is a book thats useful for finding

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a thesaurus is a book thats useful for finding

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We want our children to enjoy their learning and to be able to express themselves in speech and writing. Having a good vocabulary plays an essential part in this and resources such as dictionaries are designed to help. But how can we help children get the most out of them? At OUP, we are always working to update our dictionaries and keep them relevant. Everything, from definitions and examples to the extra features and fabulous, full-colour illustrations that pack the pages, is chosen to be appealing, fun and easy to use. The books are written by lexicographers with input from teachers and educational experts and based on evidence from corpus, so you can trust them to be accurate as well as age-appropriate.
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How a dictionary and thesaurus can help your child discover the world of words

The thesaurus is good, valuable, commendable, superb, actually. As reference books go, the thesaurus, these days, is one step up in respectability from the rhyming dictionary. To use one is to betray something embarrassing about yourself. This set me back on my heels for a moment. I know what this kind of quip means. But what is it saying? Milkman , a book I am currently reading, does not strike me as ambitious on the level of vocabulary.

This is a guest post by Jennifer Blanchard. If you want to write for Daily Writing Tips check the guidelines here. In fact, the thesaurus is one of the main reasons I know so many words today. Typically when I sat down for a writing session, I would write without stopping until I was done. I know how to use big words! When I wrote that article on the college getting new computers, I spent a couple hours interviewing the people in the computer help center, as well as getting opinions from students. Then I went back to my dorm room, sat down and went through my usual writing process—Write without stopping, go back and edit for errors, then use my best friend aka: the thesaurus to change some of the words.

A thesaurus is a software tool included with some word processors that provides synonyms for selected words on command. A thesaurus is a book, software program, or online service that provides alternative or similar words to a word. For example, searching for "hope" may return synonyms like "achievement," "faith," "ambition," and "optimism. A thesaurus is used to group different words with the same meaning synonyms and similar words. On the other hand, a dictionary is meant to explain the definition of a word.

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Why a new dictionary and thesaurus?

In general usage, a thesaurus is a reference work that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms , in contrast to a dictionary , which provides definitions for words, and generally lists them in alphabetical order. The main purpose of such reference works is for users "to find the word, or words, by which [an] idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed," quoting Peter Mark Roget , author of Roget's Thesaurus. Although including synonyms, a thesaurus should not be taken as a complete list of all the synonyms for a particular word. The entries are also designed for drawing distinctions between similar words and assisting in choosing exactly the right word. Unlike a dictionary , a thesaurus entry does not give the definition of words.

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