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audio book reader for elderly

Audiobook Players for Seniors (With Free Options!) | Graying With Grace

My wife used to love reading but since her stroke has aphasia, no speech, limited vision and limited dexterity in her left hand only. She can select TV channels on a remote but she cannot read a short news story let alone a novel, so she listens to the radio and watches a lot of TV. A shop assistant suggested a tablet with a text-to-speech app. It needs a really simple interface or my wife will not be able to use it without assistance. This is far too fiddly for my wife to use.
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We have asked Barbora a couple of questions about her interesting project…. Reprobooktor is a device designed to make it easier for the elderly with vision impairment to listen to audiobooks , give them access to current technologies. Any new opportunity for an independent leisure activity can have a very positive impact on their quality of life. This is a rather important topic for this target group because they are exposed to new obstacles, negative emotions or depression due to their loss of vision. The advantage here, in the Czech Republic as in some other countries , is that audiobooks are available free of charge for the visually impaired, through an internet library. Using the audiobook is not limited by the number of audiobooks the user can afford to buy.

Digital audiobooks are a crucial educational and cultural resource for people with visual and cognitive impairments and print disabilities. There are many ways to play digital audiobooks one downloads from their computer or the web. Online publishers also create, such as Audible. DAISY books have a hierarchical structure that makes it easy for readers to navigate among sections, chapters, and pages. The best digital players, like the ones featured here, support all the major audio file formats a blind or learning disabled reader is likely to use. The Victor Reader Stream supports most digital audio file formats, including DAISY, which is used to record navigable audiobooks for print-disabled readers.

Books are an integral part of our lives! However, in case of blind people or sighted people losing their partial or full vision, physical books can seldom be an option. When eyesight deteriorates, either due to illness or advanced age, many people turn to audiobooks as an alternative to reading. For many seniors, however, mastering the technology can be an additional obstacle. Most audio players are designed either to be small, which requires that buttons are tiny and close together, or big with touch screens which is susceptible to accidental touch. Either way it is easy to inadvertently press the wrong button, especially if fingers are no longer as flexible and precise as they used to be.

Many older adults still enjoy reading even though their eyesight may have declined with age , they become blind, or they develop a physical disability. Audiobooks or braille books allow these seniors to continue reading independently.
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Video Guide: Audiobook Players for Seniors

Most audio players available on the market are created for young people and their main function is playing music. They are small, have multiple functions like shuffle, repeat, radio and even video playback. All of these features make the popular players hard to use for the elderly. Especially for those who struggle with poor eyesight and whose motor skills aren't as good as they used to be. Yet for many seniors listening to audiobooks becomes an alternative to reading as their sight deteriorates.

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