Complete list of ted dekker books

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complete list of ted dekker books

Ted Dekker Books In Order

Ted Dekker is an Indonesian-born American novelist of mystery, thriller and fantasy novels with Christian themes. He has based some of his works on the experiences he had early on in life. He has a series of novels called the Books of History Chronicles, which encompasses much of his work. His first mainstream novel was Thr3e , a thriller that was adapted to film. Ted Dekker became a published author in January with the thriller novel Blink.
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Red Audiobook Ted Dekker Audiobook Part 2/2

Ted Dekker is one of the best authors ever. I often get asked which book to start with and what is the best order to read his books. These are somewhat complicated to answer because over half of his books are connected — some loosely, some very closely.

Ted Dekker Book List

Ted Dekker has made a name for himself amongst fantasy readers. Originally involved in various entrepreneurial pursuits, Dekker began pursuing a career as a novelist in the early nineties. After selling his business, he began writing full-time. Dekker is a New York Times Bestselling Author and his novels have sold over 5 million copies worldwide. He lives in Austin, Texas with his family.

Ted Dekker born October 24, is an American author of mystery , thriller , and fantasy novels including Thr3e , Obsessed , and the Circle Series. Dekker graduated from high school and took up permanent residence in the United States to study philosophy and religion. In the early nineties Dekker turned to writing novels. Over the course of three years he wrote two full-length novels before starting from scratch and rewriting both. He moved his family to the mountains of Western Colorado and began writing full-time on his third novel.

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  1. Ted Dekker is one of the best novelist in the world, he is hardworking and talented at what he does.

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