What is a book prologue

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what is a book prologue

What is a Prologue? | How To Write a Prologue | Prologue Examples

Show less The prologue appears at the very beginning of a novel as a section before the first chapter of the book. A good prologue will feel essential to the novel and not just a bonus chapter or a stalling tactic on the part of the writer. To write an effective prologue for your novel, you will need to first recognize the purpose of a prologue, create one or several drafts of the prologue and edit the prologue down so it is polished and ready for print. Our Expert Agrees: A prologue frames the story in a certain light and can create suspense about the rest of the piece. Don't think of your prologue as an extra appendage, but instead a part of the story itself that enhances the overall experience. Also, the prologue should put the story in motion.
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How to Title Your Book

What Is a Prologue?

One of these is the prologue. In order to write fiction, self-published authors should know what a prologue is and how to master writing one. They can add a great deal to the story and hook a reader faster than a first chapter full of exposition could. A prologue is a scene s set before the story, before the first chapter. The prologue could be years before the events of the novel take place or it could be just weeks. What is important is that whatever takes place within the prologue has a direct effect on or an importance for the rest of the novel.

Definition of Prologue

I lean away from a Prologue whenever possible. Readers tend to skip preliminary material. Let them be pleasantly surprised when they come to the end of it and find Chapter One. It should be every bit as engaging as your opener, all showing and no telling. Naturally, he leans away from Prologues and toward strong hints at backstory in your opening chapter, setups that will be paid off later. Make it captivating—a scene as strong as any in your novel.

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