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1. What is Algebra?: Solving for unknowns - Head First Algebra [Book]

Gretchen McCulloch is an internet linguist who analyses the ways we communicate online. Her debut book Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language explores the acronyms, memes, punctuation, and emoji that make up our modern discourse. Have you always been interested in our linguistic quirks, and how did that broaden to a love of internet language? I first got interested in linguistics proper when I was about 12 — I picked up a book that happened to be about pop linguistics and thought it was the most amazing thing. I think, like many linguists, I have a difficult time turning the linguistics part of my brain off. So to be interested in the way people talk on the internet is just a natural extension of being interested in how people talk around me on an everyday basis.
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"Figure It Out! Human Proportions" - Book Review

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By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline. A maths question aimed at year 2 pupils which involves figuring out how many passengers were originally on a train is the latest brain teaser to leave the internet confused. The question reads: 'There were some people on a train. Now there are 63 people on the train. How many people were on the train to begin with? Mother Louise Bloxham shared the test on Twitter as she couldn't believe the tough teaser was aimed at children as young as six, and her followers were certainly left confused as they battled to figure out the correct answer.

Ask Us. Teachers typically are comfortable leading classroom discussions when teaching literature or providing social studies instruction. All too often young children fail to remember the names of pattern block shapes. This card game gives children practice with basic facts and with adding and subtracting…. In this activity, students hear the story How Many Feet in the Bed? This book helps young children develop algebraic thinking skills by….

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Calculus relates topics in an elegant, brain-bending manner. You understand why drugs lead to resistant germs survival of the fittest. You know why sugar and fat taste sweet encourage consumption of high-calorie foods in times of scarcity. It all fits together. They are. But most of us learn these formulas independently.

Do you ever wish you knew more than know? What are you waiting for? Go on and get started! Jo has been watching the game system battles for a while now and has finally decided on the one she wants. But can she afford it? When you buy things—especially expensive electronic things—there are lots of pieces that add into the price besides just the number on a sales flyer: sales tax, an extended warranty, shipping and handling, etc. So what will a KillerX system really cost?

Figure It Out is a series of mathematics curriculum support books in full colour designed to supplement existing classroom mathematics programmes. The series is an important component of the Literacy and Numeracy strategy that focuses on clarifying the expectations for learners' progress and achievement, and developing teacher professional capability. Each book is accompanied by Answers and Teachers' Notes. Many of the answers include explanations, and the notes include relevant achievement objectives and numeracy framework links, suggested teaching approaches, and ways to extend the activities. Teachers can select particular activities that provide extension to work done in the regular classroom programme, or they can use all or most of the activities in combination with other activities and textbooks to create a classroom programme.

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