Police rule book in urdu

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police rule book in urdu

Amendment in Sections , , & of the Pakistan Penal Code, - PKLJC 57

The Pakistan Penal Code hereinafter referred to as Penal Code provides punishment for acts of mischief by damaging or destroying property or killing animals. Such offences together with their aggravated forms are mentioned in Sections to of the Penal Code. Explanation 1. It is sufficient if he intends to cause, or knows that he is likely to cause, wrongful loss or damage to any person by injuring any property, whether it belongs to that person or not. Explanation 2.
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Published 27.01.2019

Cr:Pc Rules of Initial steps of Police Station of Pakistan 154 to 174 & 54 to 100

Punjab Police (Pakistan)

LAHORE: An effort to translate all laws in easy Urdu being undertaken by Punjab under a Supreme Court order is expected, if it succeeds, to give people a chance to understand legislation related to all aspects of their life and protect their rights without being blackmailed or misled by the law enforcers or anybody else. The exercise is being taken under a recent direction by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a suo moto case it took in while expressing its dismay over gross mistakes in law books in the country. People who face these laws do not know them. They have to consult lawyers to know implications of one applied to them. And the ignorance allows misuse of laws against them by any of the state agencies.

Chapter 22 Of Police Rules 1 Police rules thorough mcqs questions and mcqs answer. Please try to memorize rules sequence-wise to the best of ur efforts I know it is no possible for any one to memorize all sections of a statute but unfortunately its ppsc requirement.
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