About time adam frank book review

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about time adam frank book review

Future-ish: SeanChron | Book Review - About Time by Adam Frank

At the same time embracing our most intimate and most personal experience of the world — the very frame of human life. That is, if you can take a partially solved puzzle and write a book that connects the proverbial dots of known science and cultural anthropology with the partially understood theories of cosmology and related sciences. Frank, being a seasoned writer and astrophysics professor, did not disappoint. Frank takes you on a conversational journey, filled with real life examples, both personal and historical, to share his view of some of the most multifarious ideas being considered in our galaxy today. The first few chapters are a review of compound science related to our galaxy, but Frank quickly dives into a discussion of how culture has been affected by the world around it. From there Frank draws a picture from intricate ideas and theories of how society fits in the larger puzzle of cosmology. All while focusing on the measurement of time.
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Time is "slippery stuff" says Frank, a theoretical astrophysicist. In this ambitious and wonderfully expansive study, he weaves together the.

Book Review: About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang

I enjoyed this book and was keen to pick it back up when I got the opportunity. I'm swithering between 3 and 4 stars as whilst it certainly got me thinking on several occasions there were also bits This is an inspiring tour through the history of how humans have envisioned and defined time through the ages. Also, how the concept of time is connected to how we view the beginnings of our universe Adam Frank. The Big Bang is all but dead, and we do not yet know what will replace it. What does this have to do with us here on Earth?

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Perhaps it would be exact to say: there are three times, a present of things past, a present of things present, a present of things to come. Today there are many books on the nature of time as we experience it and even more on cosmic time as revealed by science. Yet few attempt to recount the entwined narratives of cosmic history and human time as a unified whole. Frank and the others do not doubt the scientific narrative of cosmic evolution over the last Cultures have always needed a cosmology to understand their place in the framework of creation. Frank shows how, as our ideas about cosmology and cosmic time have changed, human time has also changed. Acknowledging that the broad sweep of history, science and time which follows focuses primarily on the cultural development of the West, for Frank the most potent and obvious example of the binding of human and cosmic time is the industrial revolution with its roots in the scientific discoveries of Newton and its radical reformation of everyday life.

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Thank you! As human consciousness grew more sophisticated, so did our manipulation of time. Clocks, telescopes, radio, GPS and e-mail are all examples of how cultural invention and cosmic time are interwoven and mutually articulated. String theory, multiverse models, brane cosmology and other fields may yield answers about the creation of the universe, and are also implicitly theories of space -time. Ultimately, Frank argues that recognizing our place in the ongoing narrative of the creation of cultural time and cosmic time—moving beyond the cosmology of the Big Bang of which "ours" may be one of many —is what will allow mankind to enter a new, global era of time and culture.

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