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vel d hiv roundup books

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N ext month marks the 70th anniversary of the Rafle du Vel d'hiv , the round-up at the Velodrome d'hiver in Paris, probably the greatest blot on the record of the French government during France's second world war occupation. In July , French police, working with the SS, as well as French fascist volunteers, arrested and deported more than 13, Parisian Jews. At least half of them were temporarily confined in a cycling stadium, the Vel d'hiv , before being transported to Drancy and other internment camps, and thence to Auschwitz. Next month also sees the 99th edition of the Tour de France starting on 30 June. And why should it, you may ask: what possible connection could there be between the Tour and a tragedy of the Holocaust? That is a complex and delicate question, but connection there is …. Once you know the tortuous story of how the Tour de France itself survived the second world war, defeat, occupation and liberation, it reveals everything about the emblematic place of the Tour in French national identity — and how France's divisive postwar politics have been scarred by the vexed issues of resistance and collaboration, and the problem of responsibility.
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What was the Vel d'Hiv Roundup?

Vel' d'Hiv Roundup

Welcome sign in sign up. You can enter multiple addresses separated by commas to send the article to a group; to send to recipients individually, enter just one address at a time. They were later deported to German concentration camps. Eight hundred and eleven survived the war. President Hollande delivered his speech at the original site of the demolished velodrome on July 22, Seventy years ago, on July 16, , early in the morning, 13, men, women, and children were arrested in their homes. Thrown together for five days in inhuman conditions, they were taken from there to the camps of Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande.

That event can no longer be viewed as just happening to a large group of anonymous people. Thus, it can be said that some of the best historical fiction focuses on unexplored, uncomfortable, or even secret events that really happened. The anonymity of the Jewish family who are victims of the roundup underscores the intensely essential, but often forgotten fact, that history happens to individual human beings. This is a reality glossed over by the sweeping, impersonal, and biased narratives of history books throughout the world. She lives, breathes, feels, and believes and she has a story to tell, a promise to keep, and a difference to make. There are two holocausts personified in the novel.

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Burrin wrote. The Israeli government also had harsh words, as did French Jewish organizations. As the American historian Robert Paxton has pointed out, France was unique in Western Europe in that it was the only country to use its own police force for roundups in territory not occupied by the Germans. Chirac said at the time. On Sunday night, to quiet the growing polemic, Ms.

Thousands of Jews were held for several days and eventually deported to Auschwitz. The French authorities did not acknowledge their role in the arrest and deportation of the Jews until , when then-French president, Jacques Chirac, gave a speech claiming France's responsibility in events. Widerman Kaufer and her younger sister escaped from the Paris stadium and subsequently went into hiding in Normandy, France. I was years-old when the Nazis invaded France. As one of three daughters to a Polish immigrant family living in Paris, we immediately felt the Nazi occupation as I was required to wear a Jewish star.

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