Vanilla bean baking book chocolate chip cookies

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vanilla bean baking book chocolate chip cookies

Sarah Kieffer's Pan Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cookie Chronicles — The Boy Who Bakes

These cookies were just featured in the New York Times! During our last marathon photo session she brought us cakes, cookies, scones and even pie she was testing for her own cookbook. I do not say that lightly, considering I had a cookie company in college, have baked no fewer than chocolate chip cookie recipes and have consumed even more. These are the best and now you have the recipe. Just leave a note in our comments and we will select someone at random. It will make a great addition to your cookbooks or a lovely gift for someone on your list. All our normal contest rules apply.
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chocolate chip cookies

Sarah Kieffer started banging sheet pans in ninth grade. She was going through "a cookie phase," trying to find the perfect chocolate chip recipe, and one of them wasn't working out. While most cookies spread in the oven, this one stayed put. Lifting the pan, then banging it down, forces cookies to breathe out all their hot air and become less puffy and cakey. It was an aha moment for Kieffer. She loved how pan-banging set the cookies' edges, encouraged a gooey center, and, most of all, set off a wave of concentric ripples, like dropping a stone into a puddle.

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The story, which appeared Oct. Her method was revealed in that headline. Now, her unorthodox technique is being practiced by Times readers all over the country. The hoopla started a little over a month ago, when Times food writer Julia Moskin contacted Kieffer. Her chocolate chip cookies — chocolate-packed, wide and wavy, like an edible Shar-Pei — are perennial attention grabbers.

You will know this recipe, I could show you a picture and you'd probably be able to guess just from the picture which recipe I was talking about. When I was in the states earlier in the year I met Sarah at one of our events with Bake From Scratch Magazine and she was a joy to meet and if you don't know who she is yet, make this post be your excuse to check out her brilliant work. Firstly the amount of brown sugar is very low in comparison with the white sugar, this leads to plenty of crisp texture and a flavour that reminds me a little of the Toll House recipe. But what makes its so very different to that recipe is the size and method. The recipes starts off on familiar ground, creaming together the butter and sugar, then just one egg is added along with water which I believe is there to help with spreading , the dry goods and the chocolate. Of course the main difference is declared right in the name, after baking for 10 minutes the pan the cookies are baking from is lifted from the oven and smacked on the surface making them collapse.

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