Santa maria novella clay pomegranate

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santa maria novella clay pomegranate

We Are Not Lost Blog: A Honeymoon in Florence

The food is absolutely authentic Italian - all made from scratch. We know because we were there and helped make it. We took the cooking class and learned to make pasta and sauce from the freshest ingredients and from the best chef in Tuscany. Our host Margherita was just amazing. Warm and welcoming nothing was a problem.
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Published 04.04.2019

A journey inside Santa Maria Novella

Guys, they've found pee in this stuff.

Terracotta Pomegranate

When Richard and I were first dating, one of the first gifts he gave me was an Amber Ball. I was instantly hooked and it became my go-to gift. Years later, I picked them up for my store and love having them. In the middle of each Amber Ball is a solid version of the warm, golden amber scent. Intense and exotic, the scent is carried by currents of air and magnified by heat in the room. I have them all over my house — from bathrooms to our living room, they make every space smell amazing and last years.

Post a Comment. Blog About Contact. Oh, and lets not forget the tiramasu, or Chianti classico! The setting was poised for romance: candle lit tables in a trellis covered garden, handsome waiters and a cheery guy on a keyboard effortlessly schmoozing out the ballads from the past fifty years. We gazed adoringly into each others eyes An amuse bouche.

Terracotta Pomegranate

Pomegranates — one could write a book about their importance in world myth, folklore, history, cuisine, horticulture, medicine and nutrition. In the spirit of another Greek tradition smashing a pomegranate at the threshold of a house on New Year's Day to bring good luck , take a fresh pomegranate, crush it on a hard surface, drizzle honey on the fruit and then sprinkle a pinch of old-fashioned scented talcum powder over the sticky mixture Spuma Di Sciampagna's Perfumed Talcum Powder perhaps. What you smell will come close to Santa Maria Novella's centuries-old melograno pomegranate fragrance. Melograno is a sweet-tart, lightly floral, slightly powdery, unisex perfume. About the size of an extra-large turkey egg yes, I know a turkey , Santa Maria Novella's scented, unglazed Terra Cotta Pomegranate can be easily held in the palm of the hand. Santa Maria Novella partially fires its handmade clay pomegranates at a low temperature, then immerses the terra cotta pomegranates in a vat of melograno-scented oil for one week. After their 'soak', the terra cotta pomegranates are completely fired, supposedly sealing the melograno aroma into the clay.


  1. A reproduction of the pomegranate fruit, handcrafted in terracotta. It is soaked in Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella's Melograno fragrance.

  2. Santa Maria Novella's Terra Cotta Pomegranate is made by hand and in limited quantities. The amazingly scented Terra Cotta Pomegranate is a truly unique.

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