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And this seems to be the common consensus among people, irrespective of their love for books or reading. A book is that silent best friend that offers hope when you need someone to instil the lost spark in you. It lets you live another life and also help you discover the hidden shades of your personality. Despite this, today picking up a good book or even finding one to read has become a challenge for many. With majority of us having jailed ourselves to the inch screen of our mobile phone, the art of picking up a book is evaporating at a fast pace.
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Self Help Books - Stand up Comedy - Rajasekhar Mamidanna

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Self-Help : the act of helping or improving yourself without relying on anyone else. Luckily for us, there is a large selection of self-help literature written by truly remarkable authors. These authors share personal experiences from their own successful careers or interview others who have unlocked secrets of happiness and achievement. Stopping by your local bookstore or Amazon for a self-help title can be a bit intimidating! Having sold over 3 million copies worldwide, you can safely assume that Deepak Chopra, an Indian medical doctor, speaker and writer, pretty much has the topic of self-help nailed.

Jump to navigation. More often than not Indian authors are ignored into oblivion in order to make space for their international counterparts. There are populations in India that experience gut wrenching experiences on a daily basis.
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Myth of the Entrepreneur is a book that gives us some serious points to reflect on while influencing our thought process for the greater good. Written in a crisp and a no-nonsense manner, the book is as interesting as it is informative. Every Time by Maria Konnikova is a book primarily written about human psychology, blended with engaging and intriguing real-life stories of confidence tricksters and scam artists. Get the Grip on Your Life is a short read which aims at helping yourself get better in many aspects — physical, spiritual, personal and professional. It will not be wrong to suggest that the book will make an ideal gift for someone you care about very much. It is written in a simple and easy to understand language and which can be read in a matter of just a few hours.

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