Lone wolf choose your own adventure books

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lone wolf choose your own adventure books

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Posted By: Michael Reilly November 22, This will be one of the final posts on this page. At the end of the month, the profile will be memorialised, and all future news will be announced via a new official Lone Wolf news page here… www. Of the many tributes dedicated to dad in the past year, the Joe Dever Award is the one he would be proudest of. It was a humbling and moving experience to walk in his footsteps, to meet his fans, and to celebrate his legacy.
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Series - Lone Wolf (1984-1998)

The books in this series are among the most influential gamebooks ever published. The second great British success after Fighting Fantasy , this series offers a distinctly different style of writing and gameplay. The first twelve books form a continuing storyline in which the reader controls Lone Wolf, the last survivor of an order of warrior-monks known as the Kai, as he grows in power and wisdom and overcomes his nemeses, the Darklords of Helgedad. Books thirteen through twenty follow the character's further development as a Kai Grand Master, and the final eight titles allow the reader to create a new Kai character, a member of the New Order established as the result of Lone Wolf's endeavors. There were originally supposed to be twelve books in the New Order series, but at the urgings of the publisher, the series came to a somewhat rushed close at book number twenty-eight. Before this happened, though, the series managed to spawn several spin-off books: The World of Lone Wolf , a four-gamebook cycle set in the southern part of Magnamund, the fantasy land in which Lone Wolf lives; The Magnamund Companion , a guidebook to all things Lone Wolf which includes a brief gamebook adventure; and Legends of Lone Wolf , a series of novels retelling the plotline of the first eight books of the main gamebook series. The Lone Wolf books feature a particularly elegant and enjoyable game system, the basics of which are quite straightforward.

The series began publishing in July and became one of the most popular game books ever published, selling more than 11 million copies worldwide. The story focuses on the fictional world of Magnamund , where the forces of good and evil fight for control of this planet in a final showdown. The protagonist is Lone Wolf , last of his caste of warrior monks known as Kai lords. The book series is written in the second person and recounts Lone Wolf's adventures as if the reader is the main character. As Lone Wolf, you make choices at regular intervals throughout the story which then change the course, and the final outcome, of the book.


Joe Dever's Lone Wolf books are one of the most notable gamebook accomplishments. A continuing fantasy storyline with character advancement, strategic inventory management and above-average writing, these are in the top three of famous interactive book series right along with Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure. Although twenty-eight books were written, only the first twelve plus the World of Lone Wolf spin-off were released in something resembling their original form in the United States. Books thirteen through twenty were released abridged in America, and even the unabridged volumes had black and white versions of the attractive color maps featured in the British originals though early American printings of books one and two published by Pacer before it was absorbed by Berkley feature color maps. Books twenty-one and up were only published in England and in some other countries in translated editions. These final books are consequently rather rare and often quite valuable. In an interesting move, the books are gradually being republished online for free access by Project Aon.

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  1. Lone Wolf is a series of 30 gamebooks , created by Joe Dever and initially illustrated books by Gary Chalk.

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