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leonard nimoy comic book value

Leonard Nimoy's Primortals comic books issue 1

The film is charting the story of the character across nearly five decades, and what made him so special, and as Adam Nimoy has said, "the inspiration was the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series , which is coming up next year. I had read a number of books on the making of Star Trek and just felt that there was a lot that was missing about the creation and evolution of Spock that we should re-tell in film form". His father agreeed. Billed as "a personal documentary", you can find out more about the project here. What is it about him that has inspired people, that people have walked into, that has touched so many people, passionately, about Mr Spock". The film will also, in tandem with that, explore Leonard Nimoy himself. A lot to do about his artistic integrity, his desire to continue to explore and express himself in a creative way", Nimoy Jr added.
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Leonard Nimoy's Primortals 0 (Tekno/BIG Entertainment) ComicBookRealm.com

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Authenticity Guarantee. Read more on shipping policy or return policy. Leonard Nimoy was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He started acting in community theaters at eight years old. In Star Trek, his role as Mr.

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Sixty-five million years ago, aliens rescued a handful of promising species from doomed Jurassic Earth. It is not a hoax or an accidental burst of radiation. A starship, carrying one alien, has entered the solar system, approaching Earth. And every old movie and TV show has suddenly become terribly real. Is Zeerus ambassador or invader? Explorer or fugitive?

By Gus Bode October 19, Tekno Comix is taking advantage of the newer technology to present characters created by famous names including Leonard Nimoy and Mickey Spillane. The human race faces its first encounter with extraterrestrials who are not very alien at allthey are former inhabitants of Earth who dominated the planet before human existence. These beings were removed by an alien race to prevent their extinction from an impending ecological cataclysm. These technologically-advanced beings known as Primortals have been returned to Earth. Some of them want to take over the planet from the lowly humans, some wish to return to their former home and others desire assimilation with their new neighbors.

Primortals or typecased PriMortals was a comic book series published by Tekno-Comix later Big Entertainment from to The characters and concept were created by actor Leonard Nimoy , who developed the idea for the series after visiting the SETI project. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was credited with providing additional concepts. Eaton and Barreiro illustrated the comic for most of its run, while the book was most often scripted by Christopher Mills and later James Chambers. In , Rudy Rupak along with Quebecor Media created the world's first digital comic book using a "Choose A Perspective" view of the comics. The comic's plot revolved around humanity 's first contact with an alien intelligence called the Primortals. The series showed how, in ancient times, aliens called the Majae removed various species from Earth and raised them to sentience.

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