Abraham hicks book of positive aspects pdf

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abraham hicks book of positive aspects pdf

Book of Positive Aspects | Joyful Living with Joy Brugh

Abraham suggests using it to raise our vibration and focus on those positive aspects of people and things we feel good about. I have in fact used it successfully to raise my vibration when someone is irking me or I don't feel too good about them. By focusing on only their positive aspects , what was irking me about them seemed to literally disappear and they began showing up in my reality in a mostly positive way. Purchase a notebook and write on the cover My Book of Positive Aspects - Set aside around 20 mins a day for this. Next, ask yourself these questions - What do I like about you?
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The process is one of Abraham's and is in fact called "The Book of Positive Aspects". Abraham suggests using it to raise our vibration and focus.

Abraham-Hicks 30 Day Work Book

One of the best processes I teach for creating and manifesting what you want in your life is to make a list of all the positive aspects and attributes that you want in that new relationship, job, etc. When your write your desires down you powerfully anchor the new energies into this moment in time and then every day you read the list; re-anchoring those vibrations into your energy field continually amping up your vibrational attraction to what you are desiring. But what do you do if you are in a relationship or job that is not working and leaving that experience is not really something that can be done right now? This is the stuff that unwanted patterns are created from. If what you are experiencing on a daily basis is the job you hate, the relationship that is not working, or not having enough money to pay your bills; it is much harder to get to those positive feelings and holding the vision of something better. Bottom line: You can feel really, really stuck and moving to the next level is not easy. Every moment is created by the previous moment and what you are feeling.

Abraham-Hicks 30 day challenge. There are a few Get a 'Positive Aspects Notebook' and write in it every day. Bedtime Exercise from page 98 in the book. 6.
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Physical pain is just an extension of emotion. There are two emotions. One feels good and one feels bad.

As you do it, notice how you feel. It may serve as a graphic demonstration of the joys of "The Appreciation Games," our first topic. I think it is wonderful to spend time in contemplation of all that you appreciate in your life, and to share in the results of our thoughts of what we appreciate. Abraham says that appreciation is the highest vibration we know. What we call "being in love" includes also the vibration of yearning, and is not pure. But when you appreciate, you automatically allow your vibration to return to the high, fast vibration of your core. If you tried writing the list of 10 things you love, I bet you clearly demonstrated the upswelling of joy caused by writing a letter of appreciation.

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