Tube amp repair book pdf

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tube amp repair book pdf

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Forgot your password? By fuzztone , October 10, in Electric Guitars. I can't even find a digital model which sounds as nice as my tube amps sound when overdriven, let alone a solid-state amp that breaks up the way I want it to. For him to say it's "untrue" that tube amps sound better, I say it's my ears that tell me he's full of it. Now, I will acknowledge that a properly designed solid-state amp can produce CLEAN tones that compare favorably with tube amps. After all, most high-fidelity home stereo systems use transistors rather than tubes, and most listeners don't seem to mind.
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Troubleshooting Your Tube Amplifier

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By amp repairman and guru Tom Mitchell. Learn basic amplifier servicing skills taught by a pro technician! This illustrated workbook explains basic amplifier electronics, servicing skills, maintenance tips, troubleshooting and simple modifications. Speakers, test gear, tools, voltage charts and schematics are demystified. For Fender, Marshall and many other popular amps. Includes diagnostic charts; explanations of components, electronics and amp functions; maintenance and troubleshooting tips, and simple modifications you can make. Although beyond my capacity at the moment, the mathematics are intriguing and the language is easy enough to understand.

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