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best books on knowledge management

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But what about finishing well? Those of us reading this blog are probably well beyond our school beginnings and somewhere in the mid-points of our careers. I am always in search of inspiration in my career and in life in general, and I thought I would share some professional reading resources to help us carry on with renewed gratitude and energy and, whether we had a strong beginning or not, finish well in and beyond. These noteworthy, non-fiction books have been vetted and recommended over time by participants in our knowledge management advanced working groups. Every year, we have a group of typically 7 to 10 Fortune organizations whose KM team representatives band together to advance the state of knowledge management and innovate in the field. If we could do things over, most of us would censor ourselves less and express our ideas more.
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Best Practice Knowledge Management

Some Great Knowledge Management Books For Spring Reading

Consequent materially significant events in our framework are not only highly improbable but also highly unpredictable based on the traditional logic and methods for prediction based upon historical data. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of , such highly improbable events have been popularized as 'black swans' as named after a business best-seller of the same name. This functional paradigm is the first to develop deep holistic based on 'systems thinking' and dynamic based on 'system dynamics' understanding about the people-process-technology relationships for business performance and has withstood the test of time. As 'IT' becomes more of a commodity and endowed with more complex 'potential' capabilities, there is need for re-focusing on strategic execution. As we transition from an era of information scarcity to information glut, there is need for re-focusing on human sense-making processes underlying decisions, choices, and performance. In this new paradigm for increasingly uncertain and complex business environments, dynamically evolving performance outcomes are the key drivers of how 'smart minds' use 'smart technologies' to leverage strategic opportunities and challenges.

Below you can find a list of knowledge management books that I recommend. Although I do get a small commission on each knowledge management book sold, I did not simply add books to this shop. My contribution is that I have read, reviewed, and rated every book that I make available through this site. Moreover, I will never present a book that I find to be of inadequate quality. I will be adding new books on knowledge management and related subjects on an ongoing basis. It is rare to find a book so strong in the practical as well as the theoretical, and for this reason this is currently my top recommended KM book. For instance, few KM books actually go into detail on how to conduct interviews, or list and explain at length the various techniques used for knowledge capture e.

An overview of what knowledge management is, the theoretical basis behind it, and practical insights into how it can be implemented effectively in a professional setting. The book then covers best practice and the key activities associated with doing knowledge management, including knowledge strategy, managing knowledge loss and knowledge sharing. Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the title for which you would like more information. We hope you'll consider this SAGE text. The book provides both theory and practical insights, using several important case studies from around the world.

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Resources - Books - Magazines - Links - Feedback. Over five years ago, Knowledge Management Magazine provided a list of what it considered the best books on knowledge management and related subject. Since then hundreds of more have been published, so picking ones that suit you best is challenging. Our selection below is based on our own reading and includes our preference for books that inform, make you think, offer guidance and generally help you put KM into effective practice. Books are ordered alphabetically by author in each category. If you want practical advice then KM books don't get better than this.


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  1. Adding to Mr Garfield's list: Case Studies in Knowledge Management: Murray E. Jennex: A Leader's Guide to Knowledge Management.

  2. Books shelved as knowledge-management: Harvard Business Review on What We Know: The Transfer of Internal Knowledge and Best Practice ( Hardcover).

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