Best book for hadoop certification

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best book for hadoop certification

10 books to get started with Hadoop

Big Data technology has revolutionised the way people do business. Additionally, it provides details on how to analyze large sets of data which is ideal for programmers. Also, it helps in knowing how to:. However, beginners may find it hard to understand but to scan through the pages and with reading discipline, you will get most about in this book. Succinctly, each pattern is explicitly explained. The book is best suited for advanced users. The concepts are summarized with interesting examples for instance in:.
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All you should know about Big Data – Hadoop,Careers,Scope,Modules,Highpaid jobs

Top 7 Reference Books for Hadoop Developers

Hadoop is quickly becoming a staple in big data. The goal of Hadoop in Action is to teach Hadoop and MapReduce to help anyone from project leads to sysadmins analyze big data. Later chapters cover exercises that help you learn MapReduce jobs and best programming practices. The book is pretty large spanning pages and the exercises are all on point. Hadoop in Practice comes with jam-packed pages sharing well over a hundred different techniques, tutorials, and best practices for Hadoop and big data analysis. The updated second edition expands many of the previous tutorials to include better explanations and optimized source code. This updated version also has newer expansions to Hadoop tools like Sqoop and Storm.

The books are listed in no specific order. It starts with a few easy examples and then moves quickly to show Hadoop use in more complex data analysis tasks. Included are best practices and design patterns of MapReduce programming. This book introduces you to advanced MapReduce concepts and teaches you everything from identifying the factors that affect MapReduce job performance to tuning the MapReduce configuration. Starting with the basics of Apache Hadoop and Solr, this book then dives into advanced topics of optimizing search with some real-world use cases and sample Java code. Each recipe walks the reader through the implementation, or in some cases debugging and configuration tuning.

Hadoop in Action

With petabytes of digital information surrounding us on any topic under the sun, we often forget the importance of reading a book, to gain in-depth understanding about the latest big data technologies. We usually refer to the information available on sites like DeZyre, where the free resources are quite informative, when it comes to learning about Hadoop and its components. However, books are always special and play a vital role even in the digital era, though you might have switched to reading an eBook instead of a paperback copy.

Through this article on Hadoop books , we have listed best books for Big Data and Hadoop that will help you in becoming Hadoop expert and get various Hadoop job roles in India and abroad. You will get to know about various hadoop books for beginners, best book for hadoop developer and hadoop administration books, best book to learn map reduce programming, books for Apache Flume, best book for Apache Sqoop and Pig, best book for Apache HBase and best book to master Apache Hive. Here is our recommendation for some of the best books to learn Hadoop and its ecosystem. Some of them are Hadoop books for beginners while some are for Map Reduce programmers and Big data developers to gain more knowledge. Language is quite easy and covers concepts of Hadoop and its ecosystem along with features of Hadoop2.

Our training is designed to help the individual gain in- depth knowledge on all the concepts of Big data and Hadoop tools from basics to advanced level techniques. Cloudera remains on our list as one of the top big data certification providers, and Hadoop certification is one of the top four big data platforms in use today. More Information on Hadoop Certification. Big data and hadoop certification proves that a professional is familiar with the best practices in the big data industry, have worked in the field, and have retained their knowledge especially if it is a hadoop certification like Cloudera which has to be renewed or kept up- to- date. You will also get an exposure to work on two real- time industry based projects which are in line with Hadoop Certification Exam. This course brings together several key information technologies used in manipulating, storing, and analyzing big data. Big Data Hadoop training course provides you knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop Developer.


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  1. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White, is the best book for beginners to learn Hadoop. .. Your learning should be aligned with Hadoop Certification.

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