Best books about nyc history

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best books about nyc history

11 Best Nonfiction Books About New York City

After being expelled from a Southern Negro college in the s, the nameless narrator of Invisible Man moves to Harlem, hoping there he will find acceptance. What he finds, however, is just a different version of the prejudice and anger that he left behind. His search for identity and acceptance, delivered in a witty, passionate and at times, heartbreaking prose, will stay with you long after you read this. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Wandering along the streets of New York City after a breakup with his girlfriend, Nigerian psychiatry resident Julius reflects on this vast city he calls home. Brooklyn, s and 40s.
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9 Books for Teaching Early US History

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7 Nonfiction Books That Taught Us So Much About NYC

As we follow the personal journey of this Pencey Preparatory student, we see the main sights of NYC along the way. Holden starts his visit with an unsuccessful time at a nightclub in Greenwich Village , but his spirits increase slightly after having a pleasant conversation in Grand Central Station. To top off the typical NYC experience, he reminisces about his childhood visits to the Museum of National History, and constantly worries about the ducks swimming in the lagoon at Central Park. The book is based off a magazine article he wrote for Holiday magazine, expressing his appreciation for the city. Robert Caro takes us inside the accomplishments of Robert Moses , showcasing his service to the community. This book will give tourists a great appreciation of the construction and architectural designs they will encounter during their trip, such as the beautiful parks Moses created that earned him his reputation, as well as the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The first time I ever traveled to New York was, predictably, for the former reason — because of a boy. After all, New York City is one of the most maybe the most iconic city in the world for a reason: the art and the history; the music and the architecture; the diversity; the noise; the never-ending lines of yellow checkered cabs punctuation every block; the thin, greasy pizza that — even as a Chicago native — is shamefully still my favorite pizza in the world. Here are 11 of the best nonfiction books about New York City. Click Here To Buy. Any reader who has ever been obsessed with Greenwich Village lore Charlie Parker!

We expected that there would be lots of duplicates, but we were wrong. Some are general reference sources, some architectural histories. Some were published recently, and others are decades old. But what years they were! You might think that doing justice to that period of gilt and misery in more than 1, pages might get tedious, but this is a made-for-Netflix epic. The section introductions are extremely comprehensive and detailed if you need more directed guidance.

The 25 best books about New York City history. Share: . 5 ways to dig up historical photos of your NYC apartment building · Follow the yellow.
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Here is New York (1949) by E.B. White



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