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The Short Story Collections Everyone Should Read

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Short Story Books You MUST Read!

All are available in Spring from Random House, wherever books are sold. Of all of the must-read lists I have done so far, this was probably the easiest, because there are so many amazing contemporary short story collections.

16 of the Most Popular Short Story Collections, According to Goodreads

Exhalation This groundbreaking collection by Ted Chiang, acclaimed author of Stories of Your Life and Others , contains nine startlingly original, provocative and moving short stories. What is the nature of the universe? Salt Slow This dazzling collection of short stories about women and their experiences in society is sure to shock and delight. Characters experience isolation, obsession and love in uncanny worlds where women become insects, men turn to stone and a city becomes insomniac. Blending the mythic and the gothic, this is an extraordinary collection.

Skip to main content. Short Story Collection. In Stock. Reading this is like eating candy-the stories are so varied but all good, even though some have very different flavors. Great book of short stories. Add to cart.

We will do this, of course, by means of a variety of lists. The following books were chosen after much debate and several rounds of voting by the Literary Hub staff. Tears were spilled, feelings were hurt, books were re-read. Her landscapes are exquisitely drawn, full of lush sensory detailing and characters stalked by the sorrows and violence of their pasts, the parched desperation of their presents. In one particularly aching story, a man finds a bundle of letters amid the strewn wreckage of a car crash, and proceeds to carry on a therapeutic, and increasingly revealing, one-sided correspondence with their owner, onto whom he superimposes the identity of a desperate neighbor he killed decades previous. They were thick and fierce, rolling like a thunderstorm in your head.

1 Lauren Groff - Florida. Best short stories. Riverhead Books. Snakes, crocodiles and lizards stalk the pages of this collection from one of.
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Looking for a quick read? This handy list comprises 13 most interesting new short story and anthology releases based on customer and critics reviews, popularity, and our own taste. The list is very diverse to fit every preference.

A good short story is hard to beat — but harder to write. As in most fiction, the characters should be compelling, the setting should be clear and there should be some conflict or jeopardy. Plot, in the context of short stories is less important than mood, which should dominate clearly and consistently. One of the reasons why there is such an appetite for this type of fiction is that they are almost always easily devoured in one sitting. They require intense bursts of attention and reward readers handsomely with plenty to think about. Our roundup features the best short story collections released so far this year. We wanted to give a full flavour of what these collections offer readers when it comes to tone and style, but also in terms of plot.

Remember when Kristen Roupenian's 'Cat Person' went viral? It was a reminder of the power the form can wield, and a great advert for literature in an era dominated by other mediums. Short stories, of course, have the added advantage of being short, meaning you can digest them in small chunks - the perfectly alternative to staring at your iPhone for an hour before bed. Here we round up 15 classic and modern short story collections that should be on everyone's radar. It's not a definitive list, of course, but it's a great start for anyone who wants to read more fiction in Snakes, crocodiles and lizards stalk the pages of this collection from one of America's most celebrated novelists, in which the muggy, murky state of Florida is always a principle character. Groff's mastery of language, plot and dialogue are on full display in a set of stories that linger long after you've closed the last page.

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