Best image size for kindle books

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best image size for kindle books

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But there are some things you should consider:. This would have the directory structure:. When you reference your images, you must use relative paths, rather than pointing to the location of the image on your hard drive. An easy way to tell if you've done this right is to look for backslash characters, multiple slashes in a row, the word. The other way to test that you have the URLs correct is to change the directory name of your book directory. Just like with Web images, the file size of your Kindle book images is important.
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To make sure readers have the best experience, use high-definition images There is a direct relationship between image PPI and image size. . For text- heavy books like novels, we recommend inserting images between lines of text.

Kindle image size rules change again

I distribute directly to every market that I can. Those color illustrations take extra file space. But surely there were ways to reduce the file size. I searched and found nothing. With two new picture books coming out in the spring, though, I decided to look at the issue closely so I can maximize profits. Amazon is the only ebook provider who charges download fees. But that means I must control those download fees.

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How to Format Your eBook (.EPUB) and Upload to Kindle

Amazon has upgraded its conversion process for images in Kindle ebooks so there is no longer any downscaling of images, which means you can use pictures in your ebook at the best quality. The changes do not affect cover images or cover image size. Amazon is making a point of telling authors who have published their ebooks using Microsoft Word to republish their files with their best-quality images to take advantage of this change. The results of higher-resolution images can be significant in terms of file size. If, for example, you had seven interior images in an ebook previously at ppi with a file size of Mb each using the example shown above then you would have had a total of 3.

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