Best communication books for couples

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best communication books for couples

4 Psychologist-Recommended Books on Relationships

If not, you might want to pay attention, because the quality of your love relationship determines your overall happiness and even your health. All couples, whether married or dating, straight or gay, have to consciously take action to keep their relationship strong in order for it to be successful for the long haul. One great way to do this is to read books for couples that offer concrete steps to maintain and enhance the love, trust, respect, and intimacy between you. Without being proactive, two people will start to grow apart and disconnect rather than evolving and thriving as a couple. Some of the key aspects of a strong relationship are regular communication, active listening, compassion, and conflict resolution skills. The common factor in all of these is being able to put yourself in your partner's shoes to consider their perception of a situation.
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How to Talk to Anyone 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships Audiobook

Last Updated on September 30, Relationships can be tricky things.

10 Books for a Healthy Relationship Every Couple Should Read

Home Contact Us The focus is not so much on communication technique but on understanding of which actions bring pleasure to your partner and how to incorporate them into your life. Backed by in-depth research, relationship compatibility experts Eliabeth George and Darren George have cracked the code to building forever love, relationship and marriage compatibility. Browse Elizabeth's blog for the latest research, articles, tips, advice and stories of relationship, love and marriage compatibility. Get free online relationship, love and marriage advice from relationship compatibility expert Elizabeth E.

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Some people dismiss self-help books as drivel or a collection of common sense advice that they already know. You just have to know which ones to pick up. Below, several couples therapists share their top-rated books on relationships. Regardless of the state of your relationship, you just might find many kernels of wisdom in these resources. You can learn more about Sue Johnson and her work here.

We are not perfect. All you have to do is get one or two of the books from your local library or buy online. We have been there, so we wrote a book from our own experiences to help you develop a healthier marriage through effective communication. No matter your communication struggles and needs, this book will be right for you. This communication workbook for couples is the workbook for the Communication in Marriage book above. Specifically, it has different communication exercises for couples to practice what they learn from the companion book.

As a therapist, I work with a lot of couples. While we can do important work during our sessions, they are limited to minutes every weeks. There are so many tools and techniques for the couples to practice between sessions, not to mention all the additional information many of them are seeking to supplement their sessions with. There are many resources available to help couples learn new ways to examine and strengthen their relationships. Here are 10 of my top picks from the last few years. This book by Dr. Gary Chapman looks at one of the most common issues in relationship issues, that we speak different love languages.

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