Best books about female psychology

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best books about female psychology

21 Books Written by and About Women That Men Would Benefit From Reading - The Atlantic

Thread: Books on Female Psychology. Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Books on Female Psychology Hey guys, I just joint the forum and I have a question on the fundamentals: Which books or other resources would you suggest to study to understand female psychology better? I see there have been some similar forum posts in the past, but I thought initiating this discussion again may yield more satisfying answers at this time. Of course there is this emotional progression model in Magic Bullets which was a great eye opener.
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Must Read Books for Men That Will Get More Girls, Increase Confidence & Charisma - Non PUA Books

5 Books You Should Read Right Now On Female Psychology & Dating

This week, Salon published a great interview with Meg Wolitzer whose just-released novel The Interestings is currently being enjoyed by more than one Flavorwire staffer. Though I won't disparage any of the books that made the list, I will offer my own—as an attempt to work towards ameliorating the problem laid out by Wolitzer and neatly exemplified by GQ. After all, though there are three books by women on their list, only the Munro could really be said to be primarily about them. Below are 21 books by and about women that every man should read. The Handmaid's Tale , Margaret Atwood. Margaret Atwood is essential reading no matter your gender, and this chilling depiction of a dystopian future is one of her best.

Learning about the female psychology is complicated, especially when you are not a woman. However, it is very important that both men and women understand each other because that way we can work together most effectively. When it comes to female psychology, men always joke about how that cannot be learned, but if they just knew about the best way they can learn about it, we are sure that most of them will try it out. So, if you are interested in learning something new about that, we strongly recommend that you find yourself a copy of this book and start reading. Even if you are not a book person who likes to read, you should make an exception with this one because this will teach you much more than you ever imagined about women and how they think. This book is essentially a key to a woman brain because they will show you exactly how it works in certain situations. Of course, that has to be true because this book is designed to deal with female psychology.

2. The female brain

Sperm Wars — Robin Baker: Often debated and cloaked in controversy, evolutionary psychologist Robin Baker breaks down female psychology through the lens of biological drives and evolution of the human species. For a man trying to understand women, this book is a must read as it will open your eyes to another way of seeing through the matrix and understanding what drives people in the areas of intimacy, relationships and sexual conflicts. Christopher Ryan presents a range of arguments to school you on these questions and many more. Similarly controversial to Sperm Wars, this book has been hotly debated and contested by feminists and scholars alike. The Rational Male — Rollo Tomassi: An amazing book by behavioural psychologist Rollo Tomassi where he builds upon the most discussed and viewed topics from the last 10 years of writings in his blog — The Rational Male. Rollo dives deep into the mindsets and unconscious behaviours men have ingrained within us from an early age and highlights the somewhat hypocritical social norms in place that have both negative and positive effects on inter gender relationships.



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