Best books on science and religion

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best books on science and religion

The Best Books on The Incompatibility of Religion and Science | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Make Your Own List. Embracing a scientific worldview excludes the possibility of also believing in God, says evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. He picks five non-accommodationist books. Interview by Sophie Roell. I can see why, in extreme cases, that might be so. For example, if the teaching of evolution in schools is being challenged, of course you, as an evolutionary biologist, will strongly object to that.
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Science and Religion -- Mayim Bialik

Popular Science and Religion Books

A couple of weeks ago, over on Biologos, Dr. Ted Davis, a fine historian of science and one of the few TEs who does not misrepresent the ID position ran an interesting column. He asked the readers to indicate very briefly the contents of their top five books and why they found those books significant. More generally, it set me to wondering what books on science and religion UD posters whether pro-ID or anti-ID or neutral do in fact read. I think an exchange of influential titles might be beneficial for all UD posters, whatever their stand on ID. It also might help onlookers understand the kind of intellectual stimulants that animate the ID supporters here.

Over the decades and centuries, plenty of writers have sought to grapple with the big questions of human existence. Less common are the books that exist in the overlap of the two subjects. His writing focuses on finding a way to reconcile religious belief and an appreciation for science; in this book, he chronicles how, through an interest in neuroscience, he ended up reconnecting to his own Christianity. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Questions of the nature of the self are essential to both science and religion. Consider the idea of the soul, in all of its permutations; consider the way that recent scientific advances have led to an increased understanding of personality, memory, and our own capacity for change.

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God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens (Audiobook)

In my previous blog , I talked about how religious believers often feel as though they are faced with a lose-lose decision -- science or religion. The Bible, for example, seems to speak of a fairly quick and recent creation by very specific divine interventions -- the creation of light on one day, for example, and the creation of all of the animals just a few days later. Science, on the other hand, speaks of a very slow creation with light, for example, not appearing until million or so years after the Big Bang and animals appearing slowly and through very natural processes billions of years later. Given a forced choice between physics and faith, then, some people choose physics and some people choose faith. I think this lose-lose feeling is rooted in a culturally influential but historically false conception of the relationship between science and religion as one of perpetual warfare.


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  1. The Best Books On the Line Between Religion and Science. Over the decades and centuries, plenty of writers have sought to grapple with the big questions of.

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