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best chronicles of narnia book

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Signing up agrees to our terms of use. The announcement that Netflix is going to be creating its own Narnia Cinematic Universe hereafter: NCU is exciting for a lot of reasons. For another, no attempt at a Narnia adaption has made it past The Silver Chair , leaving some of the best and weirdest tales just sitting there on the shelf. The best story still on the shelf is fifth in the series, The Horse and His Boy. It builds out the world around Narnia in surprising, substantive and even funny ways. And the Christian allegory, which could veer into being a bit too on-the-nose in some of the other books, is handled here with a tenderness that renders it much more powerful. A bit of spoiler-free context.
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Here are my rankings, as an adult empathizing with the target audience. The Last Battle. I was wrong: the Revelation-plotted narrative is tight and incredibly suspenseful. The ape-ass duo false prophet and anti-Christ work their repulsive designs from inside a barn, which contains shifting terrors we can barely glimpse. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Sea voyages work wonders in fantasy settings, but they seem to be loved or despised. And here, for the first and only time in the series, Aslan appears as a bleating sheep.

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The Chronicles of Narnia - Ranked

The best Narnia books are those beloved favorites among the classic fantasy series from C. Share your thoughts on the subject by voting for your favorite Narnia books or even re-ranking the entire best Narnia books right here. Written between and , the series tells the tale of children who are whisked away to the magical realm of Narnia where they must protect the land from evil. However they are read, the Chronicles of Narnia series is a cherished one for school children and entertainment studios alike. The series has prompted numerous adaptations dating back to the s and spanning most recently to the s when feature films based on the books grossed hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. What is it about this fantasy series that is so influential in literature?

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