Best books about missing persons

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best books about missing persons

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The first series of The Missing , which followed the disappearance of Oliver Hughes and the desperate search for him by his father, gripped audiences everywhere. Watching the events unfold is like embarking on a journey with the characters — one full of twists, turns, red herrings and shocking revelations that will blow all your assumptions out of the water. How many have you read? Girl Unknown by Karen Perry. Baby Doll by Hollie Overton. Lily was abducted from outside her high-school gates. And now she has seized her chance and escaped.
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Top 10 books about missing persons

The abducted and kidnapped go missing the way the rest of us go running, skating, and skipping, making missing a sport you could almost imagine at the Olympics. Maybe a world-class misser would miss the mark so astoundingly as to accidentally assassinate the judge, or pierce her own heart? The missing person no longer speaks, except from their own past—in letters, found evidence, or their own words recalled by their intimates. My novel Marilou Is Everywhere begins with a familiar plot: a teenage girl, Jude, disappears shortly after high school graduation. Maybe they were missing a long time before they disappeared. But I especially love books that diffuse the basic ingredients of this narrative in ways that point out how going missing can be merely the end result of a chronic absence—of care, attention, understanding, or visibility. It is by far the longest section in the book, both horrible and banal.

From Gillian Flynn's blockbuster Gone Girl to a re-reading of Nabokov, novelist Laura Lippman tracks down the 10 best books about mysterious.
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For some reason, learning about unsolved murders and mysterious crimes is so strangely fascinating to so many of us. As a kid, I never understood why my mom enjoyed true crime investigation shows so much, but as an adult who loves Serial, Making A Murderer, The Night Of and books about unsolved crimes , I totally get it. I can't get enough of unsolved crimes, on-screen and in-between the pages of books. There are quite a few murder mysteries that I'm borderline obsessed with. When it comes to unsolved true crimes, just about anything can capture my attention. If you're the same way, you're probably constantly searching for the next best true crime book. While unsolved crime cases can often seem dull on the outside I mean, there's no conclusion or exciting arrests made, so what's so interesting about it?

In this slow-burning, suspenseful tale another girl has gone missing in the small southern town of Cooley Ridge, and Nic Farrell has been drawn back to a place she thought she had long ago left behind. As we move backwards, we come gradually to understand how things have, over the years, slipped away, faded and disappeared — girls, identities, memories, grainy photographs, once-familiar paths through the woods. The mysterious events of the novel keep us guessing to the end. A teasing, compelling, thoughtful and very cleverly plotted novel. Or maybe it was someone who wants to kill me.

My friend Harlan Coben observed that murder stories may be intriguing, but the open-ended nature of missing person stories make them even more compelling. They are real-life ghost stories, in which those who remain behind are haunted endlessly by the possible fates of those who have left them. In writing After I'm Gone, I thought a lot about how we can ever reconcile ourselves to the loss of someone vital. Even if — or especially if — it's a person that others feel we have no real claim on. And while most missing person stories centre on those left behind, the "disappeared" have their stories to tell as well. These are often crime stories, and always love stories. In fact, the most satisfying ones are those in which a bereft loved one becomes determined to track down the missing person, at any cost.

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