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covers of best selling books

Judging Books by Their Covers: The Best Book Covers of

As draws to a close, we wanted to pay homage to the incredible designs that stood out on bookstore shelves like works of art. Are you a rebel too? Let us know what your favorite book covers of were! Design by James E. Design by Christian Robinson.
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Published 14.01.2019

Real Best Seller Book Covers

The Best Book Covers of 2017

Designers must capture the essence of a story while intriguing potential readers with a unique design that makes a statement. Here are 23 book covers to inspire you to create the next best-selling design. Image via Shortlist. Before the terrifying movie came out, the novel Psycho shocked readers when it was released in by Robert Bloch. The book cover artist, Roger Kastel, brought the tension of the story right into the cover art.

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But it is December, and therefore I am inclined to ask: which book covers were the best? As I did last year and the year before that , I asked the experts: book designers. This year, I asked 27 designers to share their favorite book covers of the year, with a bit about why—and they came back with a whopping 75 different covers of note.

That pressure to stand out inspires a lot of creativity among publishers, and every year, some truly amazing covers are designed. Yet only a few truly penetrate into pop culture to become iconic—perpetually recognizable, often imitated. Here are 10 of the best book covers of all time. Add to Bag. Beowulf , translated by Seamus Heaney. The intensity of the image conveys horror, violence, and strangeness effortlessly, with the end result being that somewhat more people are familiar with this strange epic poem than before this cover hit the shelves. The Great Gatsby , by F.

By Jess Peter An interactive map of over 5, book covers, organized by machine learning. Read more about the method. The resulting image is made explorable using the OpenSeadragon library. Only books on the hardcover fiction and non-fiction lists are included. This is to avoid instances of multiple entries of both the hardcover and softcover version of the same book, despite the face that it may introduce a bias against books that were published only in softcover.

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  1. This year has given us more page-turners than we know what to do with, and with some stunning covers to boot.

  2. Book covers are a unique and wonderful art form. It's no simple task to boil down hundreds of pages of well-considered words into a single image or design and.

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