Best books that changed the way you think

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best books that changed the way you think

15 Pivotal Books that Changed How I Think and Live - Nat Eliason

Jump to navigation. To celebrate this day dedicated to books, the Young Post team share the works of literature that have influenced them in some way. Wolf of the Plains , by Conn Iggulden. So, Iggulden is famous for writing The Dangerous Book for Boys — which really, every boy should read. But I really enjoyed his books about the Mongolian leader, Genghis Khan.
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6 Books That Completely Changed My Life

There's a certain weight and an overwhelming thrill when it comes to finishing an important book that you know will ultimately change your life. You know what I'm talking about: that moment you set it down, look out at the world in front of you, and let out a breath that feels as if you've been holding it in for years. It's a crazy and beautiful thing when you read a book that shifts your entire life perspective on the world.

7 Books That Changed the Way I Think

I read nonfiction quite broadly, from psychology to travel to entrepreneurship and autobiographies. These are a few books that, after finishing, I remember actually changing my mind on something. The difference between reading a book vs. We should definitely change our minds more often, but I believe that should come from reading longer form content. One more thing: I read mostly on Kindle and highlight a lot of passages. A uthor Jon Zinn was one of the key figures that helped bridge meditation from the East to West. He speaks from a Western perspective — easy to understand and no fluff.

I was always that kid who ran after comic books, Goosebumps, and crime thrillers in school. It gave me a different perspective on my life and the world at large. Here are the 8 books with a few memorable quotes or excerpts, and my take on how they changed my life —. What…could he do? What would you tell him? To shrug.

Reading: It does a mind good. Instead of celebrating prodigies, this book shows that there really is no such thing as a "prodigy. It will inspire you to work harder, if anything. So many life lessons and so much truth comes from this series. You'll get an education on parenthood, friendship, nostalgia, and philosophy, all wrapped in a beautiful sarcastic ball! You might need to read this book twice just to get the full effect of it.

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10 Books That Changed My Life

When she makes a recommendation, my ears perk up in reverence. The next day, the book arrived at my apartment. I sat reading for hours on end, devouring the material as I furiously underlined important takeaways, feverishly highlighted memorable quotes and fervently bookmarked pages. My mind was like a sponge soaking up as much information as it could take in. I had a-ha moment after a-ha moment. Page after page and example after example, I saw the imprint of my past written there in black and white.

Every so often, we come across a life changing book. It doesn't have to be the best book we've ever read, or even a book we particularly like—but something about it changes our lives all the same. We decide to go vegetarian, or we start paying attention to politics, or we realize that our current boyfriend bears far too much resemblance to a fictional villain and finally break up with him. Those books are pretty rare, but even rarer are the books that change everyone's lives. Some of these books have even altered the course of history and changed society as we know it.

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