Best biography book of albert einstein

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best biography book of albert einstein

Einstein Biographies by Walter Isaacson and Jürgen Neffe - Books - Review - The New York Times

Get the most critically acclaimed and bestselling Albert Einstein biography books herein. A genius, who is still and will be remembered for his tremendous contribution to Physics. A scientist who makes other to love science. If you are curious enough, these books are going to make your desire fulfilled. Have a look:. Albert Einstein, the epitome of intelligence, was one of the greatest scientists this world ever had. His 'Theory of Relativity' has changed the whole picture of Modern Physics.
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Albert Einstein Biography Books: Best you can ever get!

Albert Einstein dedicated his life to unraveling the mysteries of the universe—mysteries he believed could be understood. More than a century after his "miracle year" papers shook the scientific world in , scholars and laypeople alike still turn to the famed physicist for enlightenment and a generous dose of cosmic humor. Einstein left behind a wealth of wisdom in his scientific and philosophical pursuits. In The Theory of Relativity and Other Essays , Einstein traces the thought process behind his signature discoveries, guiding us through the research that led to his breakthroughs. Essays in Humanism collects essays penned between the turbulent years of and and finds Einstein reflecting on everything from militarism and atomic war to world poverty and the global economy. This illuminating collection, which includes a number of essays also found in The Albert Einstein Collection , is arranged by subject matter, from the reflective "Convictions and Beliefs" to the politically-minded "Public Affairs" and the discipline-focused section "Science". In this celebrated biography, best-selling author David Bodanis sets out in search of the man behind the genius, discovering a world-renowned scientist who nevertheless found himself ostracized by the scientific community in his later years.

First appears one inviting-but-thick biography of Albert Einstein, then another The first book shoots to the top of several best-seller lists but the.
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Make Your Own List. Andrew Robinson , author of a biography of Albert Einstein, picks and talks through the five best Albert Einstein books and discusses the life and times of the 'unique genius. Interview by Jo Marchant. Andrew Robinson is a London-based writer and author of some twenty-five books on science; history of science; archaeology and scripts; and Indian history and culture. Before we start talking generally about Albert Einstein books, can you give us a brief outline of the significance of Einstein and his work?

In , astronomers and cosmologists celebrated - in style - the th anniversary of their annus mirabilis: Not bad for a year-old patent office clerk. You can therefore understand what all the fuss was about. Journals, biographies, exhibitions, even plays and operas, were produced to mark the centenary. Every utterance, every scrap of paper produced by the great man was examined and debated in Nothing, surely, could have been left out, you would have thought. Certainly, another telling of Einstein's life story, only a couple of years later, must surely seem unnecessary and ambitious.

In the ocean of biographies, Albert Einstein is the white whale: impossible to ignore, almost as difficult to capture, symbolic as all hell. Who could resist going after the man whose name and face have become synonymous with genius? And go after him they do, those literary Ahabs. And here come two more. Walter Isaacson, the former managing editor of Time magazine, concocts a hearty, slightly populist take on Einstein. Both authors justify themselves in part by incorporating recently unearthed bits of Einsteiniana, including a trove of personal letters released by Hebrew University last year.

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  1. Andrew Robinson, author of a biography of Albert Einstein, picks and talks through the five best Albert Einstein books and discusses the life and times of the .

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